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    Random comment on the video: what drops faster? james charles’ sub count or the comments he’s deleting? 💀 Me:
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    @tomás sis are you back
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    "it's ok to be racist." "People on these boards need to take racism less seriously"
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    I want to apologize for me condoning any form of racism in the past. I also am apologizing for making remarks on my firm believe that racism is in every group of people, it wasn't handy from me to say that. I do NOT condone racism but sadly on my watch I let it go too far and made bad decisions and judgments on that issue. I'm also sorry for not speaking out on this publicly towards any of the staff and even the owner of this site. If you still want me as an admin I will make sure to speak out on this stuff and on other forms of sensitve group subjects.
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    #StopBeingPettyChallenge #StopLookingForAnArgument #StopBeingAnnoying #JustStop
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    Fucking DISGUSTING. This creature has set us back by decades, it makes me literally SICK TO MY STOMACH!
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    5/10/2019 ==== ==== 1) Denis Stoff ft Nick Jonas - WARCHILD - 80,333 sales *First Week at #1** 2) Lady Gaga - No Way - 78,223 sales 3) ZAYN ft. ASAP Rocky - Young Ones - 76,443 sales *DEBUT* 4) Serebro - Mama Lover - 75,100 sales *DEBUT* 5) Camila Cabello - Into It - 70,333 sales *DEBUT* 6) Ariana Grande - In Your Hands - 65,444 sales 7) Rihanna - Cuz I Love You - 54,912 sales 8) Denis Stoff - I'm Sorry - 26,000 sales *DEBUT* 9) Lady Gaga - Earthquake - 24,238 sales *DEBUT* 10) Little Mix - Thumbs - 20,022 sales
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    5/10/2019 ==== ==== 1) Lady Gaga - No Way - 242,834 sales *Second Week at #1** 2) Denis Stoff ft Nick Jonas - WARCHILD - 234,444 sales *NEW PEAK* 3) Camila Cabello - Into It - 215,555 sales *DEBUT* 4) Ariana Grande - In Your Hands - 199,332 sales 5) Rihanna - Cuz I Love You - 175,215 sales 6) ZAYN ft. ASAP Rocky - Young Ones - 160,333 sales *DEBUT* 7) Serebro - Mama Lover - 153,915 sales *DEBUT* 8) Lady Gaga - Earthquake - 124,444 sales *DEBUT* 9) Little Mix - Thumbs - 100,000 sales 10) Denis Stoff - I'm Sorry - 95,000 sales *DEBUT*
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    Nobody cares. You think you accomplish something by cracking down on racism on this extremely small online forum? No you do not. Because it literally does not matter, keyboard warrior. If you want to change racism do it in real life not on here.
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    He saw he was losing thousands of subscribers per minute I guess
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    There's progress in there and i had to highlight it. Solving a problem starts by addressing it and admitting it. Call out racism and educate yourselves on it because it is not POC job to educate. Racism is a problem that was started by white people and it will be solved by them whenever they decide to do so. Also don't say the N word if you're a white person or even entertain the thought of saying it to a POC, white people already had 400 years of saying it to oppress others. Enough already.
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    @Cherry Cola @Treacherous Swiftie @despy @hammer @neonnights @The African With The Mouth Thank you for the birthday wishes legends
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    pop perfection
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    About to download Tinder with my actual profile and not my friends dog let's see if anyone likes me this time even though there's not much of a difference
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    I don't care to get into the nitty gritty of the James thing because I think he'll make a comeback, his fanbase for the most part don't care (straight white girls), he obviously one of those geys who luv that straight man fantasy...but it seems he went too far...and he's wrong for that but so are some of you doing the exact same thing
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    Spotify Global Charts - 5/11/2019 Changed to every Saturday only
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    iTunes Digital Charts- 5/09 + 511/2019
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    He can keep it ! Even Laura Lee’s apology was better.
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    look who's buying his subs! the desperation I've been waiting for his downfall
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    Russian girl group SEREBRO have dropped their first official single! The song has 2 versions: English and Russian for their local and global audiences, and is titled Song #1. It is the LEAD SINGLE from their future project and will be the song they'll perform at Eurovision 2019 to represent Russia. TITLE: Song #1 ARTIST: SEREBRO PRODUCER: Maxim Fadeev WRITERS: Maxim Fadeev, Danil Babitchev GENRE: Pop-rock LENGTH: 3:01 AUDIO LYRICS
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    ZAYN on Stephen Colbert May 7, 2019 | New York ZAYN appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to perform his brand new single "Young Ones". ZAYN had a band backing him up for this performance unlike his last and as a result, the audio for the song that played was a more stripped down version of the song. ZAYN wore an exact outfit from the latest Burberry collection, which can found down below. This performance was more energetic than the last, and by that, I mean that he actually moved around the stage during the entire performance while carrying his microphone stand with him in one hand. The band really added to the energy of the performance as well. And ZAYN made sure to sing his heart out as the performance closed out, leaving many in awe of his incredible vocal capabilities. Overall it went well and the audience responded accordingly once it was over. Outfit "Young Ones" featuring ASAP Rocky is out now
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    LADY GAGA COVERS BILLBOARD MAGAZINE | MAY 4TH Lady Gaga was the cover girl of his week's Billboard magazine issue she talks about New music, Fashion & Oscar win On New Music I'm always making new music its apart of my everyday life its kind of like eating for me its an important part of my daily life and I've truly missed releasing Pop music my fans really deserve it as they went through these huge changes with my music me going jazz and country for a long time and they have been patient and I think this is their treat............. On Fashion Fashion has been a huge part of my career and my music fashion is not just clothes it's more than that it has really helped me feel good about myself and be myself in my own way On Oscar Win I truly didn't see it coming it was such an intense moment when I heard my name and it's like I saw my career flash before my eyes it was such a moment I remember looking at my sister who I took as my date that night and she had this big smile and hugged me she was so proud of me and I'm so thankful for her and Bradley and Mark and The Boys who helped on the track I really couldn't have done it without them
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    ZAYN on Jimmy Fallon May 6, 2019 | New York ZAYN appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform "Young Ones" for the first time. After being introduced by Jimmy Fallon, the camera panned to ZAYN, who was onstage wearing a green jumpsuit and the limited-edition white Off-White converses. He also had on some gold aviators on, which finished off the look. He stood in the middle of the stage and began singing the song with the microphone still attached to the microphone stand. He kept the performance chill and didn't really put on any theatrics. The lights on the stage would occasionally change direction and change colors but that was about it. ZAYN did get a bit more energized towards the end of the performance as he took the microphone off the stand and walked around the stage singing the song quite passionately. The performance had finally come to an end and the audience applauded him as Jimmy Fallon came up to hug him and tell him how well he did. Outfit "Young Ones" featuring ASAP Rocky is out now
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    DENIS STOFF DEBUT ALBUM: “IT’S PROBABLY GOING TO COME OUT LATE JUNE The dust has barely settled on the announcement that former Asking Alexandria frontman Denis Stoff has launched a brand new Single but we wanted to know more about this upcoming album HOW DOES IT FEEL TO FINALLY HAVE NEW MUSIC OUT IN THE WORLD? Says Denis: "It feels really good. It’s very special to have so much support. I've been working hard on this record for so long. It’s probably going to come out late june or early july so and already working on the next single." WHEN YOU STARTED WRITING, WHAT WAS IT THAT DREW YOU TO THIS PARTICULAR SOUND? AFTER YEARS OF PLAYING HEAVY MUSIC IT’S QUITE THE SHIFT IN TONE. "Of course when you compare this music to something like Asking Alexandria, it’s a very different story. This music is a little more emotional. It’s the light and soft even though it’s still relatively heavy. It’s just a really fresh take. It’s definitely a sound that I’ve wanted to make for a really long time. I’m excited and super happy to be making this style of music now. It’s going to be something new and refreshing to the genre." HAS ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING BEEN DONE DIY THEN? "Yeah. This new record is absolutely self-produced. I wanted to take control of everything to do with this music and decided to do it all myself. I’m really excited about how it turned out." SO OUT OF ALL THE MUSIC YOU HAVE WRITTEN, WHAT MADE YOU CHOOSE ‘I’M SORRY’ AS THE SONG TO LAUNCH WITH? "It’s just one of my favourites. It’s a good song with a good fresh sound for everyone. It was a really easy decision to choose to put that one out first. It just felt like that song was the biggest." IS IT A GOOD REPRESENTATION OF WHAT WE CAN EXPECT FROM THE REST OF THE RECORD? "There are definitely some things that will surprise people, I promise you that. The whole record sounds very interesting and different. Every single song sounds different to each other. I just can’t wait to share it." WHAT HAS BEEN INFLUENCING YOU IN TERMS OF THE MESSAGE THAT YOU WANTED TO PUT ACROSS WITH THIS NEW ALBUM? "Lyrically, a lot has happened to me in the past couple of years. It’s just a reflection of how I feel about the scene, music, my break from Asking Alexandria, my fans. It’s all stuff like that. It’s a very honest record full of very honest songs." WHAT DO YOU FEEL THIS ALBUM REPRESENTS AS AN IDEA? I feel like it speaks for itself. It’s for the people who struggle with a lot of personal problems in their life through all the different stuff that happens to them in this life. I feel like the band will help drive a lot of people out of depression and a lot of people out of the bad vibes they are feeling. It’s music that I hope will make people happy." IT COMES DOWN TO THE FACT THAT PEOPLE WILL LISTEN AND NOW THAT THEY ARE HEARING SONGS THAT YOU’VE WRITTEN ABOUT YOURSELF FOR YOURSELF. "Yeah, totally. It’s all very honest. Everything I write these days is all about me and how I feel today. It speaks purely about all of the things that I have been going through these days." IT’S ALMOST LIKE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO BE SELFISH WITH YOUR SONGWRITING. "It’s not necessarily selfish. I just have a lot of things to get off my chest with this record. There’s also a lot of love on this record. There’s a lot of melodies, a lot of beats, a lot of electronic stuff, a lot of riffs. It’s just a really interesting mix." WHAT ARE THE PLANS IN TERMS OF GETTING OUT ON THE ROAD? "I don’t have anything lined up right now but we will 100% be touring in 2019. I will be going to the United States, England, Europe. All stuff like that. I just want to be back on the road now. It’s been too long waiting around and now I just want to be out there." HOW HAS IT BEEN BEING BACK AT HOME FOR SO LONG WORKING ON ALL OF THIS STUFF? "Life has been alright overall. It’s just been so busy. Honestly, I've have just been in writing mode for so long now. I wrote a record, then recorded it, and then I started writing another record. Have so many plans for the future now and so much music." SO YOU ALREADY HAVE MORE MUSIC IN THE PIPELINE EVEN BEFORE THIS ALBUM HAS BEEN RELEASED? "Yeah, absolutely." YOU HAVE NOW SIGNED WITH MARN RECORDS! WHAT MADE YOU CHANGE? "Yeah, I Worked with Sumerian for about like 7 years now, I am still close with Ash, but with the direction i'm taking I thought a fresh start and fresh label was the best choice, I am really excited to work with them" WHAT ARE THE OVERALL INTENTIONS THAT YOU HAVE SET OUT FOR THIS PROJECT? "I'm just 100% here to stay. planning to release so many records. It’s a long road but I want to release music and I want to be happy. I'm going to love doing this as a career. i'm also going to tour as much as possible. I'm so ready for a long ride. I've taken so long to get ready because I just had so much in my hands. I had to figure everything out and make it all look and sound perfect. Now I want to do things fast."
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