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    y'all have got to stop pulling off these strange, attention-seeking, manipulative stunts to test the "loyalty" of y'all's friends... ain't nobody gonna feel any obligation to be loyal to a LOON! pooja what is this deranged behavior??? treat people with kindness, because it doesn't have to be this difficult to make and keep friends on the internet! grow up!!!!
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    I promise that you'll never find another like me.
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    I'm going to the Sweetener tour in three days I'm so fucking excited!!!
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    Piece by piece, this place continues to burn to the ground. Maybe one day you will realize that the problem is YOU. Hopefully it's not too late by then.
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    Camila Cabello on Hot 97 United States l May 6 Camila Cabello has visited Hot 97 on Monday May 6, making it her first promotional appearance for her new single 'Into It'. Camila was seen wearing a white sleeve shirt that is buttoned up paired with high waisted jeans and some black boots. Before she entered the venue, she greeted some fans outside the venue and many candid photos started to show up all over social media. Camila later walked in and greeted the hosts and she was given a overview of the show and some of the questions they are going to ask her. H: So tell us about your new single C: Well, it's called Into It. It just came out last Friday and its my debut single! H: How did it come about C: Well i was in the studio with Frank Dukes, he's one of my closest friends and we always write together. I came up with the melody quickly as he was showing me the beat for the first time, it was meant to be. H: Are we expecting more songs with Frank Dukes coming going further into your career? C: Definitely! There is a lot of things that are in the way and i'm excited for the world to hear it! H: Does that mean you have an albums in the works? C: Duhh! Im excited to open to my fans about THIS chapter. I am really happy i am being allowed to express my art. It is all in the works tho. I cannot promise anything sadly, like dates etc... Its gonna be worth the wait tho! H: Comon, you can give us something.. Exclusive C: Well, i would say in a few months and that's it. H: Does it sounds anything like 'Into It' C: Hmm, you can say it does have a versatile sound. There are some tracks that sound completely different than the other... i should've not said that *laughs* H: Well Camila, thank you so much for being here with us today C: Thank you! H: We are glad we got to chat with you and hope we can talk soon about your future releases! C: Definitely! -End of Interview-
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    COP Music Wars should be done in about 8 hours, Once I'm done school I'll go on a grind and write critiques
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    Y’all ever heard the term “to Hell in a handbasket”? Cuz ... yeah.
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    My mental health is really suffering today please be kind I know it’s not natural to many of you but at least try
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    Zayn... the biggest fad of the 2010's
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    round and round like a horse on a carousel
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    Song of the day: Adele, Chasing Pavements
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    to make things clear im not a dupe, im r a d a r, last year I left and Queenuela kindlyallowed me to comeback under a new account or the same one I had whatever I decided, now someone claimed I was a dupe and banned me, like.... lol, #notadupe #justice4radar
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    TaylorSwift , and GoneWild :
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    This happens every year. Only a handful of celebs actually take the time to follow the theme. I'm just upset that Rihanna isn't there
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    lol right the gp let shape of you stay on the radio for over a year
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    Ready for your feet to be on my neck again
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    "white privilege is the concept that no matter what, you're doing better than any black person, ever, because your skin is white." BZZZZZTTTT SORRY WRONG ANSWER TRY AGAIN. and in the first 30 seconds, bless her, i just saved 8 minutes of my life.
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    Blackppltwitter, popheads and hip-hopheads
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    Ugh, legends and fads in both teams Team A I guess... Without MJ if possible
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