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    Hey everyone, i hope you’re all doing well today. I just wanted to post this update to let everyone know two important things: 1. it’s my birthday today! 2. I’m going to college! I will be attending East Stroudsburg University for the next 4. I’m really excited to see what the future holds and I wish the same for all of you!
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    GUESS WHAT ... I know I am not funny ... but you will deal.
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    1091 views on all CAL Threads, my god
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    Also miss congeniality would never deem herself miss congeniality
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    Having a 2000s music day ♡
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    Good try to make a 'scoopity scoop' moment. She been all around the forum you are 'moderating'... Not surprised to know you don't analyse every thread.
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    You can’t make one argument without bringing Madge in out of nowhere? she’s got her haters mad!
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    THIS HAS TOBE AJOKE :eartha::eartha::eartha::eartha::eartha::eartha::eartha::eartha::eartha::eartha::eartha::eartha::eartha::eartha::eartha:
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    This is not going to be cancelled because its in the right hands . And you are always welcome to play here. The word count is 150 minimum here and its more about the creative freedom here. Just tell me your label and artist and you can start playing!
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    Camila Cabello Signs New Record Deal The ex-Fifth Harmony member has just left Fifth Harmony to pursue a solo career. To help her complete her solo endeavors successfully. Camila Cabello has signed a few millions deal with the label 'Hammerscope'. 'I am excited for this journey, and im ready to the show the world what i got!' she said as a reporter was outside the labels building. The label's CEO Hammer has been talking exciting things about Camila's future music as he describes it as exciting, real and sound-changing. Many has believed Camila has already started working on her album ever before she has departed from Fifth Harmony. Working behind the scenes on her 'clever lyrics'. 'I cannot wait for this all to come out and feed the fans. I am truly grateful for everyone who is standing by me and im glad to be sharing this experience with everyone' she said talking to our reporter in the office. We cannot wait to see what Camila has in the bag, are you? Click down below to submit for our newsletter to get news on Camila Cabello and many other artists around the world!
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    Endgame did THAT! What did the Avengers do? THAT!! What a ride, sad its over but damn, what a movie
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    Little Mix on The Late Late Show with James Corden (4/29/19) Performance: The stage is set with plain-looking, brown briefcases on the floor. The background is a gray wall covered with statements written in graffiti (eg. “Rebels rule”, “We won’t conform”, “Fill the silence”, “Women, take control”). The music then starts, with Jesy appearing first. A spotlight follows her around the stage as she sings. Jade then comes out, followed by Leigh than Perrie. The girls then pick up the briefcases and start to do heavy choreography. There are many moves involving the briefcases, sitting with them and holding them. The girls are all wearing the same black tops with baggy pants and blue jeans underneath, designed to be a blend between their usual sexy outfits and the statement of this performance. The girls then finish singing, and the crowd roars with applause. Interview: James Corden: We just saw them give a stellar performance of their new single, Thumbs, and now they’re back, give it up for the incredibly talented Little Mix! Leigh-Anne: Thank you, James! Perrie: We are so incredibly grateful to be here, and I am thrilled to see so many American Mixers in the audience. You all are the best fans we could ask for! JC: So, girls, how do you think your interactions with fans have changed over the years? Jesy Nelson: We feel like we now have much more control over our promotion than before, and we try our best to reach out to all our fans across the world, regardless of their race, gender, sexuality, or background. We also try to take any constructive criticism the fans have to say and work to improve ourselves and our relationship with them. None of us are perfect, but the fans are a great motivation for us to try to be the best possible versions of ourselves. Jade Thirlwall: And we love to look at fan art! Our Mixers can be so creative. They have great interpretations of our music and lyrics. JC: So what is the interpretation you want the fans to get from your new song, Thumbs? P: Thumbs is all about not falling into a pattern and not just fitting into society without standing out. This especially rings true for women, who have been told for centuries that they need to behave a certain way and that there are certain jobs they need to have. We want our female Mixers to know that they can be whatever they want to be. We also want to show the world what it really feels like to be a woman. JC: So will this be a recurring theme on your next project? JT: Definitely, yes. L-A: We are currently working on our sixth album, which is expected to come out this summer. JC: What is the process like with your new label? L-A: It's just so exciting! We are all writing and thinking of new ideas all the time, and the label is fully supporting our ideas. We've also bee n given some amazing songs that we are in love with, like Thumbs. I can't wait! P: We just recorded two songs that are extremely close to our hearts, and there are others that we can't wait to share with you. JC: I know I can't wait! Little Mix everybody!
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    girl i guess. she’s not outsinging beyonce so ..
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    Okay and good luck.. Im just making sure y'all money does not go to waste
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    I was planning on posting mine in the morning. I’m about to work on it. I had a lot of homework last night.
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    I think the only reason that keeps me stanning Dinah is because i literally been with her since i was 16.
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    ARIANA GRANDE ON THE VOICE US | US Paid | April 29 |On April 29th, Ariana Grande joined The Voice to perform her debut single In Your Hands. The stage is set up with a small lift in the centre and a curtain backdrop. The songs beat fades in as pink coloured lights appear on the screen in lines. The lift goes up revealing Ariana as she sings the first line of the song. During the verse Ariana stands on the lift and nails the vocals. During the pre chorus fog starts rolling in from the sides and the dancers run out just in time for the break. The beat drops and the dancers dance around Ariana as she stands on the lift. For the next verse Ariana steps off the lift as pastel clouds are displayed on the backdrop. Ariana moves to the front of the stage and interacts with the audience. Ariana then puts the mic on stand and does choreography once the beat drop occurs. During the bridge more fog rolls in as Ariana and the dancers nail the choreography for the last break. Ariana then shouts "thank you America!" as the song ends.
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    People have to know who you are for you to be miss congeniality
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    What its probably the same thing it’s ok
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    I do like some of her music and after the success of the “Demi” era, I thought that she’d be able to reach main pop girl status. 2015 seemed like a perfect year for her to take the music industry by storm as Ariana was not extremely active that year and Miley wasn’t making pop music. However, Selena’s album “Revival” did much better than Demi’s album “Confident.” After “Sorry Not Sorry” did so well, I thought that maybe 2017 would be her year. Ariana & Selena weren’t extremely active and Miley was making country music. However, no other songs from her album “Tell Me You Love Me” measured up to the success of “Sorry Not Sorry.” This is a shame in my opinion, as I think that “Tell Me You Love Me” is her best and most cohesive body of work. I feel that her personality is what keeps her from achieving the success of a main pop girl. She has said very offensive things online and needs to understand that her words have consequences.
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    Officially back for a while JUST in time for my 1st year anniversary. Today marks exactly a YEAR since i joined COP. I missed you all , how's everybody doing? Oh, and happy easter! (for the ones who are celebrating it since it is currently easter in here too!)
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