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    Banning MSL causing more drama than MSL himself. In fact, he haven't caused any
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    Hey guys! I miss you all so much. My sister is home and going through therapy. She seems a little bit better. She got diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and Depression. She's still seeing her ex, which I don't agree but it's almost impossible to make her see he is toxic. Still she's showing progress, so I'll be back 'cause I miss COP and discussing music.
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    Sophie Elise is so beautiful
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    She also changed her profile picture for the first time since the beginning of the reputation era. https://www.instagram.com/taylorswift/?hl=en
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    Multiple users agree @Msl should NOT have been banned. UNBAN HIM! @Oh My Gaga
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    I find it funny that some users are able to stand up to me or @AlexaHasTheTeaSara or @Msl because it’s popular to do so, but can’t stand up to others who have done the worse things than we have. It’s because we’re all three controversial. There’s nothing to lose by coming for us. Step your pussy up and stop fucking protecting people because they’re your friends.
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    Now listen, I don’t hate the girl I did give her album a strihm and bad guy is a bop, but why are people saying she’s coming to end Lana when Born To Die is around 10m units This was published on August 2017. It’s recurrent strihms are great and it has B200 longevity so it is probably around 11m
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    Youve literally made a bazillion threads of Mariah in the last month lol
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    #9 with a total of 59 points... Norway Marion Raven - Break You Represented by @The Boy Points received: 12 points from United Kingdom 6 points from Cyprus 5 points from Sweden, South Korea & Trinidad and Tobago 4 points from Russia, Australia & Japan 3 points from Romania, Finland, Germany & North Korea 2 points from Ukraine @Pressure 🐝, @Oh My Gaga, @Gotta Be Iconic, @The Boy, @AmazingAzalean, @Winter Bird, @Almeda 💫, @Opium, @Elusive Loverboy, @Venus, @Ahmed, @Tana Mongeau, @King or Queen, @Lynk
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    You’re kidding me. This is absolutely ridiculous. Nobody’s gonna put up with you anymore.
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    Elena temnikova @Oh My Gaga @Avril Lavigne @Roobz @N/A @rihce
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    I have no idea what to do
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    Yes, my bad! I wrote UK instead of Ukraine. Fixed!
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    Omg I just did some numbers and this gonna be MASSIVE
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