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    In other news, how was France? (Are you still there) @Dangerous Woman
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    I can't at yall. You overhype mediocre albums like TUN, but absolutely underrate albums like Billie's.
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    have a job interview this afternoon with former co-workers and i'm still anxious as f.. help me
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    Mine are God is a Woman (Ariana) Love Lies Shallow. Just search 'kelly clarkson cover 2019' on youtube
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    Some people really need to be checked into place. God damn yall are unsufferable sometimes.
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    Updated some of my old topics and created a million new ones
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    We don't underrate it, we have the basic sense to never listen to it and be happy.
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    She released a good album get over it
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    to be honest I never knew COP was down until 2 days ago so I joined the discord server and it was boring for me besides that I been very productive, went shopping and learning how to cook better. I been unemployed since last saturday and 3 days ago I got a new job starting tomorrow
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    Top 10 will be this evening (about 7 pm GMT time)
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    We need a stan badge for Blackpink, please help me out I'll upvote back.
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    My Normani slander had to end so I could focus my attention on the trash that is Billie Eillish
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    Sorry guys. I've been so overwhelmed with school and everything that even the tiniest thing makes me have a meltdown. I love you @Almeda 💫 and ignore my discord meltdown please
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    She's amazing, yall can remain pressedT
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    I personally cannot believe anyone would voluntarily stream or buy her trash. Luckily these losers tend to have one era before disappearing without trace, a la Lorde so she won't be a big problem. I also need that trash Julia Michaels to disappear. Thankfully youtube seems to have stopped spamming her drivel.
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    Ariana has a 4-octave range AND has proved time after time that she’s not a fad. There’s a difference between the her and Billie… a BIG one.
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    It's a COMEBACK.
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    can ya upvote mine back pls sis? https://churchofpop.net/topic/6422-stan-badges-requests-thread/?do=findComment&comment=737501
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    Add a blonde streak somewhere and thats Manila Luzon But I believe the below looks are better:
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