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    I missed yall
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    i went to the gym for the first time in 6 years
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    It's a COMEBACK.
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    Started stanning Blackpink It's a new era girls
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    Well hello there! How tf have y’all been?
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    Stared at the ceiling watching the world go by Kidding but I was bored as hell, you never know what you've got til it's gone.mp3 #gratefulforCOP
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    Living life + keeping up with COPers in @Pressure 🐝's discord server.
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    Goodnight ❤️
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    As you all know, Avicii tragically passed away last year. His legacy and his art have continued to be a beacon of light and joy for so many, and he lives on through his artistry. Just before Tim, aka Avicii, died he was working on an album that was near on complete. To honour the legendary DJ, his family have decided that the album he was working on will be released this summer, called 'TIM'. Tim's parents have also created the Tim Bergling Foundation with the aim of raising awareness of mental health and suicide prevention. The net profits from the album will go towards the foundation. The first single from 'TIM' will be released on 10th April 2019 (my birthday yay) and is titled 'SOS' featuring vocals from Aloe Blacc. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/apr/05/aviciis-family-announce-posthumous-album-swedish-dj-coldplay-chris-martin-aloe-blacc Hope you are doing alright up there bud, we miss you
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    waited for it to come back up and was listening to music
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    Damn I missed you bitches
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    AYEEEEEEEEEEE WE BACK! I missed some of y'all Happy Birthday Boo @Blue Sunshine wishing you the best and brightest life has to offer!
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    Happy birthday everyone!
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    Omg Happy Birthday Heather! I didnt know tbh! I guess cop's offline period made me forget. But yeah Happy Birthday to my amazing friend whom I love so much! Hope u had an amazing day and birthday momma bear! Love u
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    Wait what!!! It says it's your birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY
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    I refreshed the page every 5 minutes to see if it was up again.
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    Zayn (I hate to say it, but it’s true) Shawn The Weeknd Khalid Justin
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