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    Confessional So La Diablesse really dropped out of Yale to become a drag queen. Who's gonna tell her
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    I can't take this pressure from my mother anymore, I'll pay the fucking bills at this point just leave me and what I'm doing the fuck alone
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    i guess imma have to go lower some scores
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    DAMN what did Pitbull ever do to y'all He gave us A LOT of bops, he's unproblematic, probably gave your faves some hits, leave him alone he's not cancelled he's just not as popping as he used to be, it will happen to all our faves at some point
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    Yay it's the 25th I'm going to the Singular Tour tonight I feel so happy I could cry!
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    [Confessional] Now that Crystal Method and I made up, it's time for me to start drama with someone else. Lilith, what's good? 4th highest ranked look winning a challenge?? Looks like production has a favorite.
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    When Ari said "Fuck A Fake Smile", I felt that a little harder than I should've
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    Note Denis is not metal anymore I actually prefer his new sound! These two could totally be hits if he promotes them.
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    @Oh My Gaga can have Russia, I'll do France instead!
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    lucky you, some people including me still didn't know it til now
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    She is over thankfully. She should thank her lucky stars that she ever managed to have any success. Truly one of the least talented fads to ever stand in front of a microphone.
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    Thankfully her duet was with Niall and not Zayn. If i ever see Julia Michaels with Zayn I will unstan and never set foot in Latvia again.
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    Only a few more hours!
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    This song is my mood right now cause I'm going to The Singular Tour Today!
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    You should see me in a Crown, your silence is my favourite sound
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    I'm thinking about an old friend I had not so long ago that I had a crush on, and it's bringing me some much needed peace so...(it's such a fucking bop too)
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    i still wouldn't call him a one-hit wonder, those artists agreed to collab with him and Hotel Room Service was kind of a hit too. but i think most people agree that he's not talented and most of his hits were hits because of the features.
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    where your campaign? and where @Oh My Gaga runway
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    Stay mad hoes Auntie is just THAT bitch
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    It's evident who's rihturn will storm into the charts!
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