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    Hello all, These past few months on COP the mod team has been especially forgiving of certain things, but it's gotten to a very bad point and we decided that it's time to change some things. COP has always been known for minimalistic governing and we always gave our members as much freedom as we could in terms of what's within the rules, and we want to keep it that way. We don't believe in watching every step of yours and issuing WPs for small things, however, we don't want you to take advantage of this and go about the forum posting things that are distasteful and inappropriate... From this moment jokes about anyone transgender, looking manly, and all the variations of that, and of course jokes mocking the trans community and LGBT in general will be considered warnable offence, and we are going to take this seriously! This rule applies to EVERYONE, mods included. We want to keep the site looking presentable and welcoming to potential new members, so we can not allow this type of content here anymore. If you have any questions about the COP RULES you can ask them here. - OMG @Administrators @Members @Moderators @Section Moderators @Verified VIPS @VIP @VIP Moderators
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    THANK YOU FOR ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING SIS! The fact that this has to be made clear on a forum that is mostly populated with gays is appalling, I'm not a SJW of any sort but some of you are sick in the head for continuing to discriminate, you should know better as a member of the LGBT community. Enough with the bullshit, I don't care if you troll because you don't know yourself if your trans or not, sort yourself out without being problematic. Hopefully this is the end of this mess cuz
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    well its about time
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    y’all calling her a man is lazy and late at this point
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    Only reason I still use this site is because of the friends I have here who I will miss if I leave and the fun events that take place in Events Central aka the best section. Im tired of the constant fuckery that people get away with here.
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    About damn time.
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    Sadly pull me out. My mental issues have been making me less motivated to do anything plus putting all my work and time for the cop awards I'm sorry for keeping you all waiting
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    PeriodT. Talented queens supporting talented queens.
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    Love my COP sisters but we need to all chill, this is a good music space let's not let anything come between that
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    So ... how is everyone’s day going? *looks around wildly, pretending the tension isn’t palpable*
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    Can we talk about NOT Normani?
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    I know? If we can't accept each other how are other people gonna accept us?
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    Yea because youtube views is a valid indicator of success Normani is doing better than all of them except Camila on streaming (spotify and apple music) and in sales (iTunes). Dont try it. Also Expectations came out months before Waves and Ally's label is pushing hard for Lowkey. It would be absolutely delusional to think Normani is the least successful out of all the girls, like whaaat!!? Also she is a lead artist on both Love Lies and DWAS so dont try to discredit the success of those songs. The same youtube you wanna bring receipts from. Take a look at the comments on LL and DWAS. Everyone is mentioning NORMANI. Normani this, Normani that so sit down with the bs.
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    When will it end?
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    Tranny is a slang term for a transgender person, and is considered to be derogatory or offensive. https://www.dictionary.com/browse/tranny
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    Everyone better show up to the COP awards tomorrow @ 4PM EST k goodnight hoes
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    We love a powerful woman!!
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    And you guys insist that this forum isn’t transphobic…
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    no worries, hope you feel better soon
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    how all yall's looks monochromatic yet they are way better than the monochromatic runway looks
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    it feels kinda weird actually being able to buy something myself, it’s been a damn long time since I’ve been able to do that. Sad, I still feel bad about doing it. I guess that’s never gonna change.
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    It’s fine ❤️ Get well soon xx
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    a few do now thanks to me haha it sucks if he had a better label I wish he was more well known
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    Working on more of the graphics for the cop awards. So I'll be lurking around today
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