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    This is your ABSOLUTELY LAST chance to vote in the COP awards if you haven't yet!!!
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    This still isn't a rip-off if the beat was made by the same person, you can't copy off of your own work.
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    I’m purple now ... hehe. It’s cute, my name matches my text.
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    Vote for me for most dedicated Stan for Denis stoff
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    That’s not true, over 20 people submitted and usually the least amount of votes it took was 3~4
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    Poor darsaster, he is such a failure!
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    Rank 309,128? only a global forum
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    Lmao he did NOT fuck his cat, y'all need to fucking chill Shane is a great down-to-earth guy who bas helped multiple people. He made a crap joke almost 10 years ago and now SJWs are saying he fucked his cat? Lmao get a life, the world needs to stop being so serious and focus on the real issues at hand
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    LEGEND ! That is all
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    Well thank you I try to be as nice as I can with everyone here. Sometimes I get shitty, but I try to keep that to myself lol.
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    Payola We- Stream *inserts itunes link* Legend We Stan (Honestly any phrase stan twitter use are just annoying as fuck)
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    The Trophys are made working on the stuff each day this week! counting down!
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    Dar two months ago: "Alexa has the tea! COP is plummeting!" As you can see COP has been declining since around mid 2018 traffic wise but it's not totally drastic. We've gone from around 220, 000 to 310,000 over the course of 9 months. That's a net loss of 90, 000 positions. It might sound like a lot and sure, Dar might've had something to brag about but let's check in with his shithole and see how THAT'S doing. As you can see just two months ago WOP peaked at 630, 000 (not too bad for such a darsaster of a forum) but fast forward to the end of March (just over two months later) and it's just about out of the top 1 million. A net loss of 370, 000 positions in two months compared to COP's net loss of 90, 000 positions in 9 months. So yes Dar, Alexa really does have the tea also @Breakdown I continue to win, haters really need to watch themselves
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    Finally got the chance to change my layout to Sally Walker here's to the best video of 2019 so far
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    thanks so much for the donation @Blue Sunshine others could never!!!
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    And also " You really thought you did something" and You should have just sat there and ate your food! I mean how do these dumb phrases even start !!!!!!!!
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    You mean JWhiteDidIt ripped of JWhiteDidIt? Nice try at destroying female rap unity
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    I use these a lot, especially hon or honey or sweetie ... also call people love a lot lol. But I don’t do it to be shady (I hope I don’t come off that way cuz it ain’t my intention), it’s just the whole growing up in the south thing. We literally call everyone some kinda name they momma ain’t gave ‘em.
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    Confessional: I got myself together, got a concept and ran away with it! Im hoping for the best because im tired of being just safe and not winning or being high.
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    I hate that R Kelly and Chris Brown are so talented. They've ruined like half of my childhood fave songs
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    Never be afraid to stand up against prejudice and discrimination. NEVER. Truth and justice trumps hate. Stand up and let your voices be heard.
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