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    This is your ABSOLUTELY LAST chance to vote in the COP awards if you haven't yet!!!
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    This still isn't a rip-off if the beat was made by the same person, you can't copy off of your own work.
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    I’m purple now ... hehe. It’s cute, my name matches my text.
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    Vote for me for most dedicated Stan for Denis stoff
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    That’s not true, over 20 people submitted and usually the least amount of votes it took was 3~4
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    Poor darsaster, he is such a failure!
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    Rank 309,128? only a global forum
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    Lmao he did NOT fuck his cat, y'all need to fucking chill Shane is a great down-to-earth guy who bas helped multiple people. He made a crap joke almost 10 years ago and now SJWs are saying he fucked his cat? Lmao get a life, the world needs to stop being so serious and focus on the real issues at hand
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    LEGEND ! That is all
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    Well thank you I try to be as nice as I can with everyone here. Sometimes I get shitty, but I try to keep that to myself lol.
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    Payola We- Stream *inserts itunes link* Legend We Stan (Honestly any phrase stan twitter use are just annoying as fuck)
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    The Trophys are made working on the stuff each day this week! counting down!
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    Finally got the chance to change my layout to Sally Walker here's to the best video of 2019 so far
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    You better stan! WOP about to drop out of top 1 million wont even be allowed to be on the graph its that low
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    poor isthatsaraseething you lost again bitch
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    thanks so much for the donation @Blue Sunshine others could never!!!
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    And also " You really thought you did something" and You should have just sat there and ate your food! I mean how do these dumb phrases even start !!!!!!!!
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    You mean JWhiteDidIt ripped of JWhiteDidIt? Nice try at destroying female rap unity
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    Confessional: I got myself together, got a concept and ran away with it! Im hoping for the best because im tired of being just safe and not winning or being high.
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