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    Oh, but the world told me only people of color can be "terrorists" ? Was it all a lie? I'm shocked!!!!! Anyway, can't wait for the "oh, he was a lone wolf", "oh he was mentally ill", "oh, i've known him for a long time, he was nice", etc.. to be in the news because you know, only people of color can be "terrorists". May all the victims RIP and my condolences goes to their families, i'm so sorry. Stay safe please, we truly live in a scary time.
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    OMG I USED TO DO THIS... until I got caught and lifted by the police
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    6 more upvotes to 3k omg
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    Another right wing fascist white supremacist cunt. What the fuck are we coming to
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    I've developed a habit of stealing choclate slabs at the grocery store What about u?
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    Everyone better KEEP VOTING in the COP awards!!!
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    Shallow is clearly a hit. It has been on the Billboard Hot 100 for 23 weeks and it has spent all but two of those in the top 40. I will spin my web and make y'all succumb to the shallow shallow.
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    I have to admit that this is actually a strong body of work with some outstanding tracks. I do not like A No No ( just NO) and One more Gen is extreme filler. But the rest. CAUTION. GIVING ME LIFE. THE DISTANCE. 8TH GRADE. GTFO. STAY LONG LOVE YOU. WITH YOU. ( a retread but of songs that I like, so I give it a pass) PORTRAIT. (this is a retread of older songs but it still hits hard) Do you agree ? What are your thoughts on this album ?
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    She crashed a Jazz show and left everybody shook. Real musicians only! this was one of two performances, waiting on the guy to upload the second. Ugh, amazing! Her vocals and everything is on point Edit: 2nd video
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    I'm seeing Andrew Garfield tomorrow im so nervous omg I am not ready!!!
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    i want the whole story sis
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    After breakfast you can always gargle with mouthwash.
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    But then, would you go the whole day with your mouth stinking of breakfast... or even bits of your breakfast stuck in your teeth?
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    This better go viral like kream!!! We will be supporting local artists and make this a HIT
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    She looks gorgeous like always, love how she stuck with the 365 look.
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    It took a harmless thread like this to make you fume You have anger issues and PRESSED syndrome And this isn't BG's so stop sassing me
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    I have to be back at the place I just left first thing in the morning. This is what life has become ... already. I’m tired. Goodnight. Be good people.
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    im not the only one.mp3 besides, excellence takes time. xoxo mwah 💋
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    I’ve only been able to listen to it on my tv via YouTube so far, so I’m looking forward to experiencing it properly with my headphones once I get it added to the phone. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the production overall, so I’m hyped to give it a good listen. I love MIAM, for Camouflage if nothing else. That’s one of my favorite songs she’s done in a long time. I really love the ballads on MIAM. I get picked on among the Lambs for being a Music Box stan, but I’m a bit of a ballad whore ... so I guess it makes sense lol.
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    For the time being I can agree on this. I haven’t heard the album enough times to decided which songs are my faves tho. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to finally get me a copy.
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    Rihmember to vote for me in the COP Awards legends
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    2 weeks ago when my ex and I broke up
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    Common sense and a google search would tell you she has more than one song and that she's not going to only perform LL. But more than likely she will sing her part and why not when it's a top ten hit, longest charting this year, and #1 on pop radio (not everyone has that).
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