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    OMG i loved that, she's a fantastic performer and she slayed this. TIME TO STAN.
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    Waves is pure sex. Those not getting any probably cannot relate.
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    We did so badly that @ACT2 doesn't even wanna show the images we sent??
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    Still feeling ... worthless. But I got shit to do today so I guess I better shove it all down and get my head right. I’m so tired of everything tho.
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    Yes, tho the Kelly one is nice bc at least there’s something fancy to it. THIS is the cover I was shading in my original post
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    I finally wrote a poem about losing my Mom. It would mean a lot to me if you'd read it. https://churchofpop.net/topic/15005-treacherous-swifties-poetry-corner/?do=findComment&comment=705577
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    Nobody wants this Remix Mariah....
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    I'mma scream and shout for what I love passionate but I don't give no fucks.
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    Caution ( song) is really great, The way it flows easily into Break up with your girlfriend (I'm bored) is awesome !
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    YAASSSS that performance!! Yasss queen slayed as per usual!!
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    She prolly sitting pretty off all those royalties from the ASPCA using her songs in their commercials ...
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    Bye bye FAD. needed a MONTHS of extensive Oscar campaigning (legalpayola) faking a "are they, aren't they?" relationship with her co-star for tabloid fodder & clickbait needed Beyonce's leftovers numerous performances various promo appearances an entire motion picture fakes diseases for sympathy points pandering to soccer moms to keep her only relevant metric (iTunes) on life support after MONTHS, UPON MONTHS, UPON EVEN MORE MONTHS.... she only secured ONE, count em', JUST ONE week at #1 when the charts are weak asf JUST to be FORCIBLY REMOVED to Vegas by the Jonas Brothers speaks VOLUMES about the state of her career. They way EVERYONE is saying NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111!!!!!! to this fucking fadof09 ***** The public laughingstock of pop a Gurney tea a KII a CACKLE a GAG a JOKE POP EMERGENCY, 911... A FAD IS BURIED & DESTROYED OGH WON. FUME!
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    The same happened with Million Reasons and the superbowl
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    Shallow only got there because of the Oscar buzz, we been knew
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    MINI CHALLENGEPOETRY WELCOME! Another Mini Challenge! Heebie Jeebies Lilith Crystal Method La Diablesse Alotta Heaux The winner of this challenge is Lilith! @Homesick !! Heebie Jeebies would have won but I said 4-8 lines so yeet! Runway will be in 48 hours as the Instagram crash has caused some problems for some people CAST @Oh My Gaga Auntie McDonalds | @Drag Me Out Kerli | Natalia Kills @kipperskipper Heebie Jeebies | @Elusive Loverboy Crystal Method | @Black Beauty πŸ’« La Diablese @Homesick Lilith | @Tana Mongeau Alotta Heaux | @Barbie Frida Slaves | @ACT2 Paris D. Lux @Venus RuPaul | @Mr. Gorgeous Michelle Visage | @Daydream Alyssa Edwards
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    I don’t know about that but I love this song!
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    Is this post even necessary? Can you not? The hosts gave enough time for people to submit nominees. Some members aren't as active as before due to perhaps life stuff, school or work. So not everyone could come to submit their nominations (don't know this for sure cause I'm not a host but could explain a lot). The few people who actually submitted, only nominated those members who were active at the moment. You can't expect to see names of members who haven't been active for more than a month to be there, it's just not fair to those who are actually pretty active rn.
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    i have already saw this comment I wouldn't let any grown man sleep with my children
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    girl, what drag gown isn't covered in glitter? sparkle is like the bare minimum for drag yall got a lot of opinions, put your MOUTH where ya FASHION is
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    Apparently a glitter gown is basic And I know THIS ain't comin for my look
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    bitch did yall hear sumn? i coulda sworn i heard some broke bitch jibber jabber but we don't speak that language over here girl ask Ru what he's paying me compared to the other girls on this here panel and see who's the winner then
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