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    OMG i loved that, she's a fantastic performer and she slayed this. TIME TO STAN.
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    Waves is pure sex. Those not getting any probably cannot relate.
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    We did so badly that @ACT2 doesn't even wanna show the images we sent??
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    Still feeling ... worthless. But I got shit to do today so I guess I better shove it all down and get my head right. I’m so tired of everything tho.
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    Yes, tho the Kelly one is nice bc at least there’s something fancy to it. THIS is the cover I was shading in my original post
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    I finally wrote a poem about losing my Mom. It would mean a lot to me if you'd read it. https://churchofpop.net/topic/15005-treacherous-swifties-poetry-corner/?do=findComment&comment=705577
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    Nobody wants this Remix Mariah....
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    I'mma scream and shout for what I love passionate but I don't give no fucks.
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    Caution ( song) is really great, The way it flows easily into Break up with your girlfriend (I'm bored) is awesome !
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    YAASSSS that performance!! Yasss queen slayed as per usual!!
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    Bye bye FAD. needed a MONTHS of extensive Oscar campaigning (legalpayola) faking a "are they, aren't they?" relationship with her co-star for tabloid fodder & clickbait needed Beyonce's leftovers numerous performances various promo appearances an entire motion picture fakes diseases for sympathy points pandering to soccer moms to keep her only relevant metric (iTunes) on life support after MONTHS, UPON MONTHS, UPON EVEN MORE MONTHS.... she only secured ONE, count em', JUST ONE week at #1 when the charts are weak asf JUST to be FORCIBLY REMOVED to Vegas by the Jonas Brothers speaks VOLUMES about the state of her career. They way EVERYONE is saying NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111!!!!!! to this fucking fadof09 ***** The public laughingstock of pop a Gurney tea a KII a CACKLE a GAG a JOKE POP EMERGENCY, 911... A FAD IS BURIED & DESTROYED OGH WON. FUME!
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    The same happened with Million Reasons and the superbowl
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    Shallow only got there because of the Oscar buzz, we been knew
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    Seems like tomorrow Not sure
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    Queen of looking young
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    I am a tender twenty-eight years old. Entrepreneurship ... I want to create and own something and I've played around with it over the years. But to see people rise on social media and take small hobbies into lucrative businesses is highly impressive to me and a motivator. I don't know what the business would be but the ideas are there. Currently, I'm just doing library science stuff but I also really love non-profit and would love to create one but that is such a challenge.
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    So if i sleep with children in my bed that aren't mine, i can just say i'm eccentric and plead that I've been in showbiz since 5 years old? You don't see anything wrong with that?? Being in showbiz since age 5 does NOT excuse this. We won't ever get an answer to the abuse allegations, but i find it really hard to deny that he wasn't a child groomer/predator.
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    Has that certain judge ever been a contestant on RPDR and has had some of the worst dresses in Drag Race history? Cause I agree 100%
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    She just took the beat from Sweet But Psycho but added generic self-empowerment lyrics. I'll stick to Sweet But Psycho. I don't need to be told how being different is okay another time.
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    Some people in this thread just need to be given a cookie and ignored, there such a waste of energy
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    I like it SBP 2.0 but like not a totally reductive version of it The @King or Queen mention in the bridge His impact
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