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    Hello all, These past few months on COP the mod team has been especially forgiving of certain things, but it's gotten to a very bad point and we decided that it's time to change some things. COP has always been known for minimalistic governing and we always gave our members as much freedom as we could in terms of what's within the rules, and we want to keep it that way. We don't believe in watching every step of yours and issuing WPs for small things, however, we don't want you to take advantage of this and go about the forum posting things that are distasteful and inappropriate... From this moment jokes about anyone transgender, looking manly, and all the variations of that, and of course jokes mocking the trans community and LGBT in general will be considered warnable offence, and we are going to take this seriously! This rule applies to EVERYONE, mods included. We want to keep the site looking presentable and welcoming to potential new members, so we can not allow this type of content here anymore. If you have any questions about the COP RULES you can ask them here. - OMG @Administrators @Members @Moderators @Section Moderators @Verified VIPS @VIP @VIP Moderators
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    Officially back for a while JUST in time for my 1st year anniversary. Today marks exactly a YEAR since i joined COP. I missed you all , how's everybody doing? Oh, and happy easter! (for the ones who are celebrating it since it is currently easter in here too!)
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    Now hold up a second!! I don't think I deserve this award..... I've been slacking in the Gaga stanning department lately and I shouldn't win this award! ACT2 @ACT2: I think you deserve this award more than anybody else in this category, and I would like to give it to you. Please come on this stage dahhhhling!!!
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    The Winner For Greatest HIVE Is.. . . .
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    -ACCEPTANCE SPEECH- oh my god, I can't believe this is happening I've taken a break from COP for a long time and to came back to a lot of negativity hate & injustice for myself and to see that people accepted me back even tho I never betrayed this site makes me so happy! I'd like to thank these wonderful people who ended up making me stay on cop @Oh My Gaga @Black Beauty 💫 @Drag Me Jonas @Dangerous Woman & everyone who was nominated tonight I've been here for a Year and have lost all awards including all the ones related to gaga that I was nominated for but it only made me stronger and stay true to who I am as a gaga stan and all I have to stay is that this is hard work I've worked Hard for this and people finally recognized it and you also can do the impossible if you put your heart to it! thank you Thank you very much I LOVE U RUSSIAN WHORE! @Oh My Gaga Love and compassion amen fashion.
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    Y’ALL! I went to see a movie, in the theater! Aren’t you proud of me?!? Lol. It was difficult and I was so anxious literally the entire time ... but the point is, it happened.
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    No excuses I was really IN the wrong using the f and n word in my tweets few years back. I have deflently learnt from it. I'm sorry I got upset but after thinking I now understand why you all got upset. If I ever did that in again I deserved so much backlash. I had a big weekend and was tired so ofcourse i got a little defensive I shouldn't of after thinking and reading back on screen shots it was pretty disgusting. I apologise for my naughty fave too. I love him more then anything but if he said anything like that recently id have a go at him. Believe me. He loves all his fans no matter what you are ♡ Still will be a bit afk for a while to head my head sorted but I apologise to msl and everyone else for snapping so hard. I was just a little off track because it was so suddenly. And I was upset because I love you guys so much. You legit are my online family so it broke my heart i upset many of you.
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    And the winner of Best Pop Stan award is....
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    I WANT TO THANKS ALL OF YOU! For attending and supporting my first ever event hosted! and thanks @Oh My Gaga for hosting with me! could have not done it without you! means a lot for you all the be here, yes it was a bit of a drag at the end but we got here! I really am thankful! and hope to see you all next year!
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    I had no idea Blue was a girl! I knew she was too nice to be a gay
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    And the Funniest Member award goes to....
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    Thank you so much everyone for voting for me in this award! I am very honoured to be considered your best hive member! I am very grateful. However because I have won already COP Awards in the past, I would like to give this award to my good sis @i am chiron., a good member who also deserves the award! I love u so much sis!
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    THANK YOU FOR ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING SIS! The fact that this has to be made clear on a forum that is mostly populated with gays is appalling, I'm not a SJW of any sort but some of you are sick in the head for continuing to discriminate, you should know better as a member of the LGBT community. Enough with the bullshit, I don't care if you troll because you don't know yourself if your trans or not, sort yourself out without being problematic. Hopefully this is the end of this mess cuz
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    It's really not hard to see the reason as to why this site has pretty much died..
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    i graduate tomorrow, very excited
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    Can we stop focussing on other members and start making it about music again?
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    The shit I come back to... The absolute ghetto!
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    Hey guys. After last night's meltdown, I've come to realize how important it is for me to look after my mental health. I'm not going to be as active as typically these next few days, because I need to get to a better place. Mental health is such an important topic, and also one that is largely not taken seriously. I will still be staying active in Drag Race here, and the decrease in activity will only be for a few days to a week. Thank you to everyone who showed me support. I really appreciate your words.
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    After reviewing all of your applications with the mod team, we are pleased to announce the RETURN of both @Barbie and @Blue Sunshine to the mod team! @Barbie will be in charge of the MUSIC NEWS section, and @Blue Sunshine will have both CHART CENTRAL and CELEBRITY NEWS sections! We know that both of you can do a great job as mods since you already proved to be helpful and dedicated to the job in the past & we look forward to working with you!
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    Elusive's Speech As I thank everyone one more time for the awards I have received tonight, I also want to give a special shoutout to a friend of mine. @Ignacio may have been a beloved member of this forum, but to me he was so much more. Last month, we lost this user and a lot of people are still grieving. Originally, I was supposed to give a performance as a tribute to Ignacio at the show but due to time restraints in my schedule I was unable to do so. I could have thrown something together, but Ignacio deserved better than that. So I instead am going to give this speech. I can't give my friend a half-assed performance. Ignacio got to meet his idols, touch the hearts of his friends, and travel around the world in his short lifetime. He lived out his dreams, and this makes me happy. But he had so much more to give. He may have been caught up in some controversies through Twitter, but regardless his kind soul and the way he treated others proved that he was a wonderful person. I miss my friend. I miss him so much. Before he passed, I told him I would be going to the Caution World Tour. Unfortunately, a few days before my concert date, he was gone. I was so excited to tell him all about this important event. I was so excited to talk about one of our many interests we had in common. The best thing we can do, though, is to keep his memory alive. Remember Ignacio. He deserves it. Thank you.
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    And the Kindest Member award goes to....
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    OMG THANK YOU ALL I real couldn’t have done this without you all
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    Thank you so much for voting for me. I have a story that kind of makes me ashamed. So during the 1989 era I was a bandwagon hater, but i would bop to Shake IT Off secretly while pretending to hate it. But when I joined Cop Reputation was so hyped that I actually began to anticipate the album too out of curiosity. So when I finally heard the album when it dropped on Spotify, it was like an awakening. Taylor quickly became my number one fave I never though that anyone would snatch that title from Demi, but it happened .Don't get me wrong I still love Demi though and I always will she's just number 2. But then In January 2018 I lost my mom and Taylor's music is what got me through that. Her ability for storytelling and songwriting inspires me as a writer myself. So thank you everyone this means a lot to me.
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    The Winner For Greatest Britney Stan Is.... . . . . 
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    While I wish this had been enforced a long time ago especially since this site is used primarily by members of the LGBTQ+ community. I'm glad someone's taking the initiative to ensure that there can be a safe space for people to engage in pop culture discussions and not have their humanity disrespected and compromised for a cheap laugh. It's disgusting that those in power on the site are the main source of this behavior but I just assume their personal lives are miserable which is why they behave in such a tragic manner. Shout out to the admin making thoughtful decisions for the good of the forum!
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