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    Were you even planning to host it though we’ve been asking you to do it for months
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    Tap down those boots while I beat around Let's funk downtown
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    Never stand for discrimination against anyone or any group. It is an ugly trait. Peace to everyone.
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    Well i would want trustworthy and reliable judges every season there was a judge or two that players had an issue with and dont worry, my hosting days arent over
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    The issue with as1 is that all the all star worthy queens left cop and wont come back (which i dont blame) plus finding judges is always an issue a lot of the best judges were also previous players. So if i did all stars, i would want them to be players, meaning id have no judges i wanted to do as1 so bad but the whole wop/cop drama kinda ruined it cuz everyone took a side. Anyways, i’ll accept your challenge and compete myself. No one can do Ru like Ru haself
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    Maybe the former RuPaul should participate as a contestant we've been waiting for AS1 for years
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    Don't forget to send your votes for the cop member awards. Wanna get it moving soon and pick out the nominations
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    Yo, I got a paycheck today!
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    I’m so tired 😩
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    She’s looking all kinda fabulous in that pic but ... she be killing people and shit. I don’t fuck with ha.
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    A true HIT her first #1 since 2011
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    I might sign up but I already cemented my self as a COPDR legend/winner in S2 and I'm afraid to ruin my reputation
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    @Ahmed He and @King or Queen should do a sex tape
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    COP Drag Race might make a return if everything goes to plan
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    No no no CTRL, Melodrama, TMYLM, Witness, Lust for life, etc were all released in 2017. I love all those albums.
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    It's always fun to imagine doing it to a scorching hot celebrity but thinking about it more I would probably do it to some very vocal conservative influental homophobic activist just because it would be significantly more difficult for them to deal with it and they would change.
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    OMG I wanna judge. I'll be Michelle Visage, big tits and iconic kween of RPDR, yes
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    My brother. I would love to see the look on my parents face when they realise they raised not one, but two hunties Also my best friend cause he is so hot lmao
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    Happy for her.. I still really enjoy Shallow and after that performance in acting and music that her and Bradley delivered at the Oscar's WHEW give them their #1 song to go along with the Oscar, Grammy, etc. THE CHEMISTRY! THE FEELS! They were acting they asses off!
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    ERRORS: I'm A Mess' top 10 weeks is 19 The Oscars impact Ari is falling all over the place, at least its just the album tracks omg i wasn't expecting the Taki Taki rise enlarge the pictures to get a clearer view 3/1/19
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