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    VOTE for ME in Best swiftie, barb, monster, army, navy, hive, arianator, ex-act, taste, lamb & many more in the COP Grammys PLS
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    TBH No. That would be terrifying, and regardless of legal consequences, the guilt would destroy me.
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    ugh, my new signature and profile are everything!!
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    Who do you all consider to be Main Pop Girls? Personally, I consider: Madonna Cher Whitney Houston (1963-2012 ) Janet Jackson Mariah Carey Jennifer Lopez Britney Spears Christina Aguilera P!nk Beyoncé Rihanna Lady Gaga Katy Perry Taylor Swift Nicki Minaj Adele Miley Cyrus Ariana Grande I consider Nicki Minaj to be a main pop girl even though she’s technically a rapper. I’m not sure if I would consider Kylie Minogue, Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Kesha, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato to be Main Pop Girls. What about you?
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    I would count Pink, Avril and Kelly
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    honestly no, even without consequences I know how badly it will affect my own morals.
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    Happy Birthday my dear friend! Miss seeing you more often here!Hope u are having an amazing day! Hope u enjoy it!
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    #7 #6 @Mariahcareyisqueen2018 @the supreme @Black Beauty 💫 @Jimmyxcx @Juano @Medoner @Treacherous Swiftie @Burning Up @Mr. Gorgeous @Blue Sunshine 
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    I ain't no ho (altho technically you could say I am bc those are literally my initials) but I'm ready, so let's do this.
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    Nice to see that bitter bitch finally got over that dumb feud with Gaga.
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    Oh awesome! I will read it when I get home tonight!!
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    not the only thing he'll be serving soon
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    LOL what ? Physical = CDS Digital - itunes/mp3 etc You didnt blur the lines, you used the term completely incorrectly.
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    all that and she still has her foot firmly pressed on your fave’s necks since they debuted and i’m sure the gap between them is about to get even bigger
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    delusional 5 albums in and your girl hasn’t even accomplished half of what rihanna has. R9 is coming
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    Points for the interesting username lol. Welcome to the madhouse Amazing, it’s nice to meet you I see you stan Mariah, I too stan Mariah.
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    Lyrics are not a song. A song is lyrics AND melody which is why her co writers have to be credited. Your premise is based on not understanding a basic concept of songwriting. Lyrics without melodies are just poems.
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