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    Happy Valentines Day peeps, always remember ... someone loves you. Even if that someone is just lil ol me.
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    My new layout is SICKENING, Katy really shook the table with this look, I love how demonic it is
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    I miss smoking weed. It's been months
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    go buy 365 on iTunes fats
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    “I like bitter, it matches my personality” - Scott Conant
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    In a kids TV show Let’s let Bella Thorne do the tribute then!
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    personal chart out tonight, COP 100 out tomorrow
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    I could be getting a call for my phone interview in half an hour...I'm scared, I really want this job, I'm praying to myself I don't fuck up
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    then trust mine. GGGB, Unapologetic, Loud, and even Talk That Talk are better albums than ANTi.
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    A joke ? If he said that shit about Meghan or on of those girls you stan you would be rioting! It was vile what he said.
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    lmfao riiight!! he really tryna read black peoples bodies when more often than not white people be shaped like ironing boards (taylor swift, katy perry, miley) and on top of that all of the girls they go up for wanna be black so bad (kim k, ariana, kylie, etc.) with their fake asses and lip injections, “baby hairs”, and the excessive tanning.
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    2 days late TUN is coming next week tun could've came back to #1 but the album leak made me like 7 rings even more mess that my top 5 are all non-movers enlarge the pictures to get a clearer view 2/8/19
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    let’s go with I Miss U ...
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    not yall calling a midtempo song a fcking ballad, we- Her best ballad is Best Thing I Never Had
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    this statement makes me sad, ngl. I grew up listening to both artists. It blows my mind that someone as talented and pivotal in music as Chuck Berry has been all but forgotten.
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    Sasha Fierce.... It’s very boring to me with only a few standout tracks
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