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    I can't stand being around sexual predators like him. I feel unsafe around them because they normally have no morals whatsoever and you never know when you are going to be the next target. I should have trusted my gut instinct and went with it like i always do from the start, but all is good, 7 lives to go ig. I'm glad i have seen the light finally and the evil got exposed for everyone to see. I'm sure one day he will get further exposed and to finally be away from pop forums and the INTERNET as a whole. It is going to happen eventually. I'm also happy that the universe was on my side all the way to guide me through everything and to get to know people who showed me the truth about him today and nothing else. You know yourselves. Stay safe everyone and be aware of red flags about exploitative people. Also be extra protective of your personal information around them, this is your right as a human being online. Have your guard up and protect yourselves. Be selective of who you are being vulnerable with. Nothing wrong with keeping stuff to yourself and not to feel pressured to share the minute the other person shares something with you. You still have a choice about almost everything in this life. Everything that happened was meant to happen. Check the timeline. A lesson learned.
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    Glad I stan a grammy WINNER with 2 no1’s
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    GIRLS OMGGG its exposed that hotshot/Vishal is PEDO PETE SOMEONE PLEASE DO SOMETHING @Oh My Gaga @Elusive Loverboy @Craig @Treacherous Lovatic @Drag Me Out @CUZ!CAN @Legendie Big thanks to @Dangerous Woman for being the smart legend in figuring this out and being the heart of COP from previously being banned
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    You will not find anyone else who is more against rape and pedophilia than me. Anyone who commits either act needs the death penalty imo. Don't ever come for me and say I am either of those things!
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    Joanne Won a Grammy SEETHE WHORES
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    He was trash to me as soon as he believed dweebzs pathetic document about me but then I found out an hour later who he actually was. Almost died from irony overdose.
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    Kinda sad “Most Likes of the day” feature is gone
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    I'm about to audition for the play at my college.
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    Its over, the garbz have nothing No #1s No Grammys no worldwide love and acclaim, just 100% bitterness Seethe, roachies
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    I tried to be okay ... I really did.
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    I had too much caffeine, OMG! My CNS won't be happy for the rest of the day.
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    He seemed decent to everyone. He was a very popular member here.
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    This really pissed me off finding this out He deceived all of us! So disgusting!
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    Queen Ariana isn't grammyless anymore.
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    nope. the bitch can’t sing
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    The Rain I enjoy the rain, it's kind of like a reflection to me kind of. The sky reflects my misery and my pain. The dark skies remind me of the darkness that lurks inside of my brain. I like dark things. Life is never all sunshine nor is it ever all rain. Sometimes the knife cuts you deep, and the blood won't stop flowing. It's hard to go on but you must patch up your wounds. You must get back up and keep going.
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    After all this wait guys, we finally got something and it's beautiful
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