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    "BLOODLINE" is my favorite BOP off "thank u, next". #First listen
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    I'm just confused why all the gays gave rappers and hip-hop shit for the overuse of trap beats, and now that the main pop girl rn is using them y'all suddenly switch and love it...it doesn't make sense to me, make it make sense
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    Hi just logged in to say that Ariana's new album is lit af. And as an OAH I'm really shook like wtf. @Mocha bitch you really won.
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    Am I the only one crying to Ghostin cuz that song is absolutely amazing.
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    Fuck a fake smile.
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    The Weeknd x Kimmel On February 4th, The Weeknd goes onto Jimmy Kimmel to perform his new single “lost in the fire”. “Now to perform his HIT single lost in the fire, give it up for The Weeknd!! *the crowd cheers intensely as the lights begin to turn on and Abel is facing the back of the stage. He swiftly turns around and begins to sing the first verse of the song. He is walking slowly to the front of the stage from where he is standing as he does this. He walks just slow enough so that he makes it to the front for the chorus of the song. He puts the mic back onto the stand and begins to dance and vibe to the beat of the music as he belts the chorus. He rips the mic off the stand and begins walking to the right the second it is done. Dancers begin to come from the right and surround him as he is singing the song. They get closer and closer almost trampling him before he breaks free with the beat drop of the chorus. They get back up and get behind him quickly to dance to the second chorus of the song. They move from side to side and when he moves to the left to engage the other side of the audience they do as well. They stand still for the bridge as the lights go offbesides a spotlight above him. He softly sings the bridge before all the production comes back and they go into a dance break again to end the performance. “The Weeknd everybody! lost in the fire is OUT NOW on every streaming service and music purchase site!”
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    Messy Records officially founded, CEO Moriah presents logo and first signing, Kim Petras
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    Dirty Computer deserves to win AOTY on Sunday periodT.
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    Some pretty telling stories in this thread its worth a read if you wanna get deep! https://churchofpop.net/topic/28961-have-you-ever-experienced-abuseharassment-publicly/#elTopicActions_menu
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    TUN is better than Bey's entire discography.
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    Sweatynerd was found dead in a ditch. Thank you next.
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    The Weeknd x Z100 New York On February 7th, The Weeknd calls into Z100 New York to discuss his return to music among other things! Interviewer: We’re back and we have a verry special guest here today! The Weeknd! He’s been gone for a couple years but he’s finally back with his new single lost in the fire! How have you been? Abel: Thanks for the intro haha! I’ve been amazing! Had an amazing break and am fully energized for this new era! Interviewer: You’ve said on multiple occassions that this won’t be the lead single from your new album right? When do you see your lead single coming out? Abel: hmm I’m honestly not sure! I’m THINKING maybe around end of march or april. I want to make sure its perfect before I release it! Interviewer: Will you be releasing any other singles until then? Abel: I think I will! I have lots of songs in the catalogue that I’ve made since my break its just a matter of fixing up and compiling a cohesive album that I’m proud of. BUT I don’t want the songs to go to waste so I will be releasing lots of promo singles so that y’all can hear what I’ve been doing since my pretty long hiatus! Interviewer: Do you have any ideas for what the lead single will be? Abel: I do and I think its name will be the name of the album as well. Interviewer: What’s the name? Abel: I really shouldn’t- Interviewer: Oh come on please! Abel: Oh fine! It’s called Starboy! Interviewer: I LOVE the name! That’s all the time we have today! Lost in the fire is out now! Stream it on Vox and buy it on iTunes!
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    Cardi B appears on 95.5 PLJ US | February 5th Host: Here with me right now is music’s next big thing! Please welcome, Cardi B! Cardi: Okurrrr! Hello everyone! Host: Hello Cardi! Welcome to our show! It is so great to have you here! Cardi: Eeeoww! Thanks for having me! Host: Your schedule must be getting more and more busy by the day with your debut single “Bartier Cardi” now being out! Cardi: It definitely is! So many people been trynna book me for shows and performances now that my single is out! A girl would have never imagined this! Host: It makes sense! “Bartier Cardi” is amazing! Everyone who is anyone loves it! Cardi: Awwww...thanks! Hehe! Host: The song is just so electrifying! It is quite a debut! Cardi: That’s exactly what I wanted! A song that can stand out and just something everyone can love! I wanted to do something fun, that can be immediately played in the club and have everyone twerking and grinding! (laughs) Host: You sure did exactly that with “Bartier Cardi”! The song is blowing up! Did you ever see major success happening to this song? Cardi: I never even thought I would be signed man! Being who I am, and having the background that I have, everyone always thought of me as a joke. A funny girl, but someone who can not be taken seriously. When Insomnia Records approached me with a record deal, I was honestly shook! Of course I accepted it! It was a big FU to all my haters who doubted me! OKURRR! Host: In “Bartier Cardi” you address some of your haters by flaunting about your money, possessions and lifestyle. Some would say this is not being humble. What would you say? Cardi: It’s hip hop man! Hip hop has always had people bragging about how they are so much better than everyone else. It’s in the DNA of the genre. And it’s not us not being humble. We deserve to brag a bit for all of the hard work that we put in! Host: True! I’ve seen you ever since your Instagram days, you have put in a lot of work! Cardi: EEEOWWW! Thank you! Host: Well let’s let our listening audience here your amazing work now! It was great having you on our show today! Cardi: Thanks for having me! Host: “Bartier Cardi” by Cardi B is available everywhere now, but before you run off to go buy it, here it is playing now! “Bartier Cardi” plays on the radio station.
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    The Weeknd x 102.7 KIIS-Fm “On February 7th, The Weeknd goes onto 102.7 KIIS-FM to discuss his new single and what he’s been doing with life.” Interviewer: How have you been? You’ve been on the show before but not in a loooong time! What have you been up to? Abel: I’m good! It’s great to be back after so long. I took a huge break to live and write music at my own pace. I feel like I’m ready to come back into music and promote my music. Interviewer: I can’t imagine your label was thrilled about that huh? Abel: They were really supportive actually! They understood that I needed time to live on my own rules and they gave me a break. They knew it was risky but they were still okay with it! Interviewer: are you okay with your label right now? Abel: I love how it works! We have meetings with the higher-ups to listen to music talk singles etc but they give me and the producers 100% creative freedom. If I want a writer to help, I can get one, if I want to write the song by myself then I will. They’re amazing and really care about the quality of the music they go out there and promote SO they let the artists take their creative vision. Additionally, they don’t make me promote too hard either, its much more chill than lots of labels I know! Interviewer: I see, now your new single is produced by the famous French DJ gesaffestein. How did y’all meet? Abel: We met while I was in Paris, he was performing at a club and he went OFFF so I asked to meet with him backstage to give him props and since then we just became really close. We produced lots of songs together over the year or so we’ve known each other. I’d say around 7 and I feel like a lot of them will be on my new album! Interviewer: Do you have any tea about your new album? Abel: No haha, not yet! Interviewer: That’s okay, we’ll be streaming lost in the fire in the meantime! It is out now and here it is next! Thanks for the weeknd for being here!
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    I am happy as Meghan liked two of my tweets tonight
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    Yes. Team up against this new generation of garbage and reclaim your thrones!
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    My nickname was basically “faggot” for most of my childhood. The hetties at every school I ever attended were truly awful and out to embarrass anyone that was gay or seemed gay. And I was kind of meek up until the 10th grade. That’s when I started fighting back. I can lash out pretty harshly when I’m really angry, because of all of those years I’d let people walk over me. It’s sort of a side effect or self protection. Like, if I show people I can be aggressive or I get aggressive in the prelude to a fight or even if it does come down to physical violence, they’ll back off and won’t mess with me again. I don’t like to be angry or violent though so I’ve learned somewhat to set someone straight in a mostly calm voice, so people tend to leave me alone after that initial strike.
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