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    Goodnight everyone
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    You look sexy in Pink sis twinnies
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    Nervous for my first working day tomorrow.
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    I never get upvotes anymore
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    can‘t wait for new Pr!ncess music
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    Congrats on the admin promotion sis!! You look great in red. And happy birthday king!
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    OMJ SIS! Red is definitely your color!!
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    new layout who dis
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    If you would like to perform at COP Grammys 2019 on Saturday 9th February, please PM me
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    Happy birthday, sweaty. I hope you streamed Can’t Get You Out of My Head!
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    Me rn: Gonna go watch a movie/take a nap ... whichever happens first. Goodnight for now y'all
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    Your red name is on fleek
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    I just want to clarify that i didn't apply to be the new administrator. I wish lots of luck to our future adminstrator and for us to support him . Thank you.
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    i mostly like the baking shows. there's something exciting about watching a bunch of people panic trying to make a three tier cake in 2 hours.
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    1/3rd of those are related to Nicki and Cardi
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    You know you're doing the right thing when racist don't like you
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    it's fashun after all
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    "Always lick your log" - Rhett McLaughlin 2019
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    Ooo we at 900s pages now
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    Billie Eilish x Gucci 17 year old Billie Eilish is now the face of Gucci. She has collaborated with them on a few limited edition items with her own brand "blohsh". Such items include beanies, hats, fannypacks and necklaces which can be seen here: Billie's contract with Gucci will go on through out the rest of her debut era. Billie has stated on the collaboration "I Love Gucci and it's the brand that plays the biggest part in my wardrobe. There's no better way to stunt and feel expensive than by wearing a Gucci garment".
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    So the real story is she threw a 12 year old tanty because she didn’t get way about something petty and the producers wouldn’t or couldn’t agree to it for logical reasons and now she is holding them to ransom to give into their demands. Got it.
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