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    Does anyone else find it hard to come out when you meet new people? It is annoying having to go through it again and again and again and again and again. I met some one earlier and he said I could add him on Facebook but my profile has a gay cover photo at the moment and I don’t really know him well enough to coke out to and it is annoying having to go through the fear of rejection or them not taking it well over and over again. Coming out is something I hate doing but I have had to do again and again. The other option is just not saying anything but then I’m not really being true or authentic
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    Me rn: Gonna go watch a movie/take a nap ... whichever happens first. Goodnight for now y'all
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    Your red name is on fleek
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    It‘s not your duty to tell everyone whats your sexual identity. People will find out when time passes. If they ask just be honest and tell them. When they stay with you, you can be sure that these are the people you can trust and if not, fuck them
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    He's annoying but at least he's a good father.
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    Hey, welcome to COP
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    Happy Birthday Legend
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    Happy Birthday bby!!
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    Ngl I'm a bit down in the dumps that my coworkers including my dad we're talking smack about other staff today...what in the high school drama is going on? Grow up for goodness sake
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