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    I've been so busy lately, working all day and then my birthday which was amazing. Got lots of cute presents from my boyfriend and friends. I'm very busy but I still feel blessed.
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    My best friend stole my man at the club
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    I got so much shit to say But I can't help feeling like i'm camouflage
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    I'm off the deep end, watch as I dive in, I'll never meet the ground. Crash through the surface where they can't hurt us, We're far from the shallow now..
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    I am SCREAMING at my Twitter DMs!
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    Madonna (oldie like madonna but still a goodie unlike Madonna)
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    And today can be used as a metaphor for how misogynists see women
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    Epic in what way? Blackout era did NOT yield ANY #1 hits while GGGB yielded 3 #1's.
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    Me when my tribe isn't up for elimination for once
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    YES, you better drag him FOR IT, he would include FUCKING CHER and not RIHALLAH? @Oh My Gaga BITCH COME HERE *CARDI'S VOICE*
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    He actually did talk about important topics like reform of US's prison system, black conservatives, his ideas for how lots of american factories should be built in places with high unemployment to provide jobs to black americans. he talked about topics your fave can only dream about being articulate enough to discuss. Conservatism is getting mass appeal in the black community and thanks in part to kanye, trump is now liked by a lot of black americans. CULTURAL IMPACT. CULTURAL IMPORTANCE. In 2018. Britney can NEVER.
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    Same. I'm glad they gave roles to people with arab backgrounds for once. As an arab i'm very happy about it.
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    She'll always have fans, even if down the road she has to perform at fairgrounds where admission to the show is free if you purchase a ticket to the fair.
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    The album tracks are literally better than every single she released from the album. And in relation to the tour, both Katy and Taylor put on very entertaining shows, so who cares? I do however agree with your attitude comment - the head shaving comment most likely single handedly alienated MANY of her fans. Britney's impact
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    I don't see anything wrong with that thread, tbh.
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