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    No one is posting. I can't find anything to watch. I guess I'm just gonna go to bed. Goodnight COP.
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    is something wrong with COP or everyone is just busy? only 8 people are online
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    I am getting sick and quite frankly I'm pissed about it.
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    How did I get so many likes today
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    PARTNER ASSIGNMENTS @Tana Mongeau & @Oh My Gaga @Winter Bird & @Black Beauty 💫 @neonnights & @ɹǝuǝʇǝǝʍs @Barbie & @MISS CAMARADERIE @Burning Velvet & @Daydream @Minaj à Trois & @Drag Me Out @Venus & @Daydream Create your list and PM it to your partner. You can post your reviews here, you can do it one by one, two by two, all in one, whatever works for you Aim to have your lists done and sent by January 29 And your reviews done and posted by February 3 Excited to see what y'all got I'll put this in the OP as well
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    Muah muah, the generous queen will kiss a fan
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    Happy belated New Year everyone! I know I’ve been MIA for a while, but I’m here again. I’ll try to post more again on here when I’m not busy. But I hope everyone’s having a good day today.
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    This arrogant motherfucker ... damn.
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    You cant cryyy pretty
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    'BOY' NAME AND ARTWORK CHANGE New name: New artwork:
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    This one's really hard bc they'd have to do something legit serious to go to prison ... So, not prison ... but maybe jail for a night ... @neonnights for having a little too much fun on a drunken night time outing. Member most likely to steal a car
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    Apparently he did pay him and also paid for his expenses. Also, there are many old videos of Kevin Fret saying he had sex with a famous reggaeton star who had a wife but couldn't say who 'cause he could end in trouble. After a few months of posting these videos, he got killed, which sounds very fishy to many people. Also Kevin's family demanded Ozuna to be investigated.
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    Ariana Grande Gets Interviewed On Air With Ryan Seacrest and Talks Brand New Honeymoon Avenue Music Video | January 25 | US | Ryan Seacrest: So you just released the music video to your debut single Honeymoon Avenue, can you tell me what the song and music video are about? "I created the song about a you being the passenger in a car while your romantic other is driving the same route every time that is likely to bring us to a crash. The song also talks about you two lovers losing your spark and slowly driving apart and that they have to change or they will crash and burn. I actually wrote the song about one of my lovers that I remember never being happy with and that they always brought a negative energy to the situation. So that message is also reflected in the video with me being lost in this enchanted forest and then finally finding the magic in it." Ryan Seacrest: The music video is very metaphoric and very different to many, how was it coming up with this concept with director Andrew Sandler? "It was a great experience working with him as I explained the meaning of the song what it meant to me and he basically just came up with this metaphoric idea of an enchanted forest. But I'm so happy for the finished product and I'm so happy that the world can finally see this amazing video we created." Ryan Seacrest: Because of your happy experience with him do you think you will work together again in future? "I would love to work with him again as it was just amazing! Hopefully he can do some tour visuals for me or something because that would be totally sick." Ryan Seacrest: What was it like producing this type of song? Because looking at the credits there is 6 people listed as producers? "Well I thought the song was finished a while back but the The Rascals came along and re arranged to the song to better fit the meaning. I still have original version that I might put on the deluxe for the album."
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    Ariana Grande Joins Z100 New York! | January 23 | US | Debut Single Host: So last Friday you released your debut single Honeymoon Avenue which has been well received by audiences around the world, what is it like for this to happen on your debut single? Ariana: Well it feels great as I never imagined the song to get this much success but the main thing is that, I'm finally able to get my music out there to the world for everyone to listen to. Host: So after your debut must come a new single, have you got any ideas on what song may serve as a follow up to Honeymoon Avenue? Ariana: Well I do have some collabs that I have made that will most likely be the next single, I have this really amazing song Beyonce called Wake Up which I'm excited for. Honeymoon Avenue Music Video Host: So we know that you have been hard at work on your music video for your single, do you have any idea when that might come out? Ariana: Well, I just released a trailer to the music video on Venus Records YouTube channel, but I think the official music video will be out January 25th which I can't wait for. Upcoming Album Host: Just before you leave, I want to ask you about how your album is coming along? Ariana: My album is coming along great but there are just so many amazing songs for me to consider on my album and I just have to play around with the theme and sound of the album to find the correct combination that will make a quality album.
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    Nicki Minaj so I can stop her career from happening. I would absolutely HATE to be her but I would be doing the rest of the world a favor so whatever!! I will take the torture to help others
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    This looks like fun but I don't even know 10 songs released last year ...
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    My shade game is pretty weak
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    “gaga set the trend for 2008-2012” .. what trend did she set?
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    No. Thats like asking if it's racist to hate Taylor Swift.
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    I can no longer willingly and openly support Ariana Grande. After reading the expose thread and doing my own research I hadd gave her the benefit of the doubt that maybe Manchester had humbled her, but to be honest she is a vile person.
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    Imma listen to Serebro in @Oh My Gaga's honor.
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