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    I'm not even going to lie, this sounds LIT.
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    One of the radio hosts of my station is stanning Godga so HARD, I- Everytime I tune in a Gaga song from ASIB is playing
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    Thanks for making me 6K platinum.
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    Yes because I’m sure she travels in comercial airplanes where you need to put the dogs in the undercarriage Her dogs probably have a bigger net worth than anyone here, I’d say they’re very happy animals travelling in private jets so I wouldn’t worry if i was you
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    hi don't forget to buy/stream 7 rings tomorrow have a great night
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    Look what you made me do, im with something new, ou baby baby im dancing with a stranger
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    it’s amazing how desperate for our attention the lessors are lmaooooo. See the on that ghost town girlies
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    My first poem of 2019. Heal The Hurt I'm neither an optimist or a pessimist Maybe just a little of both but to be a complete pessimist or optimist to me is foolish. You are setting yourself up to be disappointed all the time if you are an optimist,you may shrug it off and say that it's okay but sometimes we snap it's inevitable there's only so much water a levee can take before it breaks. And If you are a pessimist you may expect nothing but excruciating pain to come your way. And honestly right now I'm more of a pessimist but that's okay. We all have fucked up days. Life ain't a fairy tale it ain't all sunshine and unicorns, but it's also not all dark skies and rainy days. There will be days when you will bleed and hurt. There will be people who worsen your wounds. Your blood will stop dripping and instead begin to spurt. It may feel like a mortal wound at first, but it's not you can heal the hurt. These things take time. Know your worth, this isn't a fantasy it's the real world. There will always be bad days and good ones. There will always be boring ones and good days. You may hurt now but don't give up the pain usually fades.But even if it doesn't you aren't alone. There's always someone if you look hard enough.Having someone to confide in can be enough to lessen the pain to turn that sharp pain into a dull ache. That can be all it takes. So please don't give up. Darling stay.
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    Nugget and Butters are treated very well!!
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    Austin Mahone has shared this very sexy video to Instagram where he is working out skipping and he shows off his very muscly torso
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    The fact a dogs net worth is more than mine lol
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    how is that abuse? it's cute that she brings her animals with her? better leaving them at home without mummy around! I'd take sookie with me everywhere If I was a celebrity.
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    I'm off to the races, laces Leather on my waist is tight and I am falling down
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    all that comes to mind is you give love a bad name by bon jovi
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    Doesn't get enough money from the 3 monthly sales he makes, poor him!
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    I expected this topic from Taylor Chen
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    drawing a pink moon is hard lol
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    Get your freak on is better than Nicki's entire career.
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