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    My Sweetener tour tickets came in the mail today I'm so excited
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    do you believe God is a woman?
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    THE FIRST VOX UPDATE IS HERE!! Vox and CAL Charts are now updated. Vox now has all the releases in the game so far. (And everything sounds amazing so far ) However, there are still no playlists. The first playlist, "New Music Friday" will be released on the next update to accommodate all new releases in Friday. Remember that you all can make your own playlists by submitting to me all the required info (like Playlist Name, Playlist Cover, Tracks etc). Send @CAL Business a message to make your own. For CAL Charts, I dropped the Kworb Singles and Albums chart. I won't have time to update them anymore so I chose to drop them. (Sorry!) Both websites are still pretty rough on the edges (except Vox, a lot of things there are rounded lmao i made a joke). So if you encounter any issues, let me know so I can address them via a fix. That's all. All releases sound great. Good luck to everyone competing for the Week 1 charts! Next Update is on January 19th or 20th including the first set of charts and playlists for Vox.
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    Today marks the first day to my last semester as an undergrad.
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    This is such an emotional moment for me. For those that don't know, we had a lot of internal drama on the forums in September 2018 which led to our image being tarnished and people not believing in the stability of the admin/mod team which ultimately cost us a LOT of activity. I struggled to see a way forward and it's taken us four months but we're finally starting to get back to where we were. This week we've had 6000 posts (and today is still not over so we could hit 6500!). This is the highest posting week since early September 2018. I am so happy to see a return to form for this forum because i truly believe in it. We're unique and we'll never be replicated despite being duplicated. We've had to jump over so many obstacles (evil haters) just to get back here but now we've done it and the sky is the limit! WACOPDA FOREVER!!!
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    Just downloaded Femme Fatale in flacc
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    Random thots at 12:30AM: I took like 14 Benedryl (I'm exaggerating, I took literally 2.) and I'm hoping to sleep soon. Doubt it though. I put a few of my trophies back up on me profile, so it looks a lot less nekkid now than it did yesterday. I think I need to stop spamming/rambling and go to bed now. There are few things cuter than a teeny octopus. And that's a fact. Goodnight.
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    This child annoys the absolute shit out of me, but I am happy for her and her success. My niece Cady adores her so I know she'll be happy to hear this.
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    How you get that bawd Is it from Gawd Did you work real hard G E N E T I C S This is fucking DISGUSTING! This is the literal fucking definition of white privilege, only a white woman would be allowed to get away with releasing something so basic and generic and devoid of talent. This bitch can't even sing, listen to her. Suddenly I Stan Britarney Sandears
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    Britney Spears has sold 33.6 million albums in the US alone (PURE SALES)
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    2 job interviews tomorrow and idk which to skip because they're around the same time
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    I think it might be this one but not really sure
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    If I had a dollar for every time the Nazi did something kind I would be homeless.
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    Why is she singing about genetics when she looks like a bowl of lumpy oatmeal?
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    A disgusting white feminist. Truly revolting
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    Can you not with posting these troll threads in celebrity news? Use an appropriate title next time.
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    Ready to snatch this job
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    The wedding photos are really beautiful. She looked absolutely stunning. I'm very happy for them and I wish them all the best
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    My mom... she's in a relationship with a man who calls her fat every time she eats anything sweet (even if it's just 1 small cookie). She cooks for him, clean his clothes and does everything for him but this man does nothing for her. He doesn't even give her any affection, they don't even go to dates. Also he's a obsessed with having control of everything in her life and she lets him. She's gonna move out to the USA with him and I honestly fear for her well being. She swears he's the best man she ever had, because my father was literally satan to her. Why do people stay with someone who doesn't really care about you and treats you like shit? She calls that love but that's insanity to me, she needs help.
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    “Pop sensation” MegHam needs a trainer is an OBESE FUCK. A disgusting flop who keeps shading skinny people because she is jealous of them. She is fucking SICK.
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