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    Going back to a P!nk layout... Someone had to
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    Random thots at (almost) 1:30 in the morning: I kinda wanna put some of my awards back on me profile, but I don't at the same time bc I don't feel like I deserve 'em anymore. My profile is still nekkid af. I may put one of my old sets back up for the time being. I kinda miss being gold.
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    Ofc I make plans with my friend and he cancels them to talk to his other friends, and then ignores me when I ask why...girl bye I'm too grown to get upset over a 15 y/o
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    Joanne Megarate is coming!
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    Title: Fine Line Artist: Selena Gomez Genre: Pop/ R&B Label: Tone Records Length: 3:32 Release Date: 13/01/2019 "Fine Line" is Selena Gomez's debut single, released through the label Tone Records. The song navigates the uncertainty of a relationship and how both parties are strong minded and will not allow the other to screw them over. "Fine Line" was released to all streaming platforms including Vox and impacted radio on the same day of release. Audio: Lyrics:
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    I am really losing self control.I cant do it anymore my mental state is taking over such little things
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    Alright ... peace out y'all
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    this has me SCREAMING they went back and forth 5 times
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    Good morning Stream TY,N & Imagine until the upcoming #1 smash hit 7 Rings arrive
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    This is truly disgusting. I haven't been this disturbed since I saw The Human Centipede at a friend's house when I was 15
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    Finally snow ❄️
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    Congrats to Missy Elliot who will become the first female rapper to be inducted into the songwriters hall of fame. Bad luck to Mariah Carey who was snubbed for the second year in a row. Full story here https://variety.com/2019/biz/news/missy-elliott-cat-stevens-john-prine-songwriters-hall-of-fame-1203106102/
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    Missy is a legend and this is a big thing for female rappers. There is no need to make it into a Mariah V Missy. She was not excluded because Missy was inducted. It doesn't work like that.
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    So she’s admitting she’s a baby killer? Fucking sick
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    :drown: @Elusive Loverboy @Roobz @KarenFromFinance @Craig
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    All his songs are annoyingly about fucking, can he get help already His feature is the worst on Travis Scott's Astroworld.. It's about fucking obviously
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    You can't change my mind. Adele's voice only has a nice tone, but she's not really the greatest vocalist. Xtina has the potential to be a good vocalist, but just screams. Literally no artist that has debuted after Mariah and Whitney can match Beyoncé's vocal.
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