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    Hello all, These past few months on COP the mod team has been especially forgiving of certain things, but it's gotten to a very bad point and we decided that it's time to change some things. COP has always been known for minimalistic governing and we always gave our members as much freedom as we could in terms of what's within the rules, and we want to keep it that way. We don't believe in watching every step of yours and issuing WPs for small things, however, we don't want you to take advantage of this and go about the forum posting things that are distasteful and inappropriate... From this moment jokes about anyone transgender, looking manly, and all the variations of that, and of course jokes mocking the trans community and LGBT in general will be considered warnable offence, and we are going to take this seriously! This rule applies to EVERYONE, mods included. We want to keep the site looking presentable and welcoming to potential new members, so we can not allow this type of content here anymore. If you have any questions about the COP RULES you can ask them here. - OMG @Administrators @Members @Moderators @Section Moderators @Verified VIPS @VIP @VIP Moderators
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    Elena temnikova @Oh My Gaga @Avril Lavigne @Roobz @N/A @rihce
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    The time has finally arrived for The King to say goodbye indefinitely. Yes, I am leaving my role as Administrator and will slide into a part time Global Moderator role (although I will be mostly having a break over the next month from any type of headache inducing duties). I am leaving due to increasing stress and drama that I am unable to deal with as my mental health has been declining rapidly lately after having to deal with the serial pest known as 'OriginalDar' who has made threats against my life. There's also a lot of other factors that have come into play, but the overall theme is I NEED A BREAK. With this sad announcement I am pleased to give you a happy one. @Oh My Gaga will be assuming my duties and sliding into the Administrator role to work alongside Manuela. I have full faith in his abilities as a Global Moderator and he is probably the only person here who will be able to do as good a job as I've done. I promise you all I am not leaving. I realise I am 'the face of COP' but that has come at a cost of my mental health and I am suffering badly at the moment and need an extended break from duties. I hope you all give OMG a chance as Admin and don't start pestering him like I get pestered 24/7, it's a very taxing job with little to no reward. We deserve respect. Peace and love, The King.
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    I'd just like to say that mods are human and on ocaasion we slip and forget a rule, but as Hannah Montana says everybody makes mistakes. You shouldn't hold us to ridiculous standards of perfection. We aren't Gods. Mods can get warning points just as you can. Just keep in mind if you have an issue with something you can always pm one of the mods. Also if you have a problem with any members we have an ignore feature.
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    2 years of unemployment and I finally got a new job!
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    Officially back for a while JUST in time for my 1st year anniversary. Today marks exactly a YEAR since i joined COP. I missed you all , how's everybody doing? Oh, and happy easter! (for the ones who are celebrating it since it is currently easter in here too!)
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    Now hold up a second!! I don't think I deserve this award..... I've been slacking in the Gaga stanning department lately and I shouldn't win this award! ACT2 @ACT2: I think you deserve this award more than anybody else in this category, and I would like to give it to you. Please come on this stage dahhhhling!!!
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    I've never actually done this before, but I want y'all to help me get these gay icons into a COP gif, they are the cock destroyers!!!! @Ronald HoHoHoSon @hotshot @Craig @Flashing Lights @Homojénik @HerNameIsAri @[email protected] Bird @shmeur @The Boy @Barbie @Dangerous Woman @ACT2 @Diaboliq @neonnights @Ronald McJackson @CUZ!CAN @byakkoya @Heartsigh @Venti @drewmatic @Ahmed @RicanText @H.O.N.E.Y @[email protected] Tingz @dream @DREAMPOP @MSL @jackgrande @Salvatore @ONIKA @Believe In Furler @MDNAInMyRebelHeart @Tattooed Heart @Oh My Gaga @Buttercrush @Lemons @life13swift @Liam Payne @Craig @Blue Sunshine @CoryisaCunt @The Boy @Godney @Caramel @beysus @Sempiternal @byakkoya @Roobz @Medoner @Gratitude @Avril Lavigne @The Bling @AmazingAzalean @[email protected] Lovatic @rihce @TattoosOnMyMind @Diaboliq @Alienhead @lanadel @MAGIC LAND @Elusive Loverboy @MSL @Oh My Gaga @Cyrus @Breakdown @Believe In Furler @Treacherous Lovatic @Roobz @shmeur @The Boy @Barbie @Dangerous Woman @ACT2 @Diaboliq @neonnights @Ronald McJackson @CUZ!CAN @byakkoya @Heartsigh @Venti @drewmatic @Ahmed @RicanText @H.O.N.E.Y @messiah @Avril Lavigne
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    -ACCEPTANCE SPEECH- oh my god, I can't believe this is happening I've taken a break from COP for a long time and to came back to a lot of negativity hate & injustice for myself and to see that people accepted me back even tho I never betrayed this site makes me so happy! I'd like to thank these wonderful people who ended up making me stay on cop @Oh My Gaga @Black Beauty 💫 @Drag Me Jonas @Dangerous Woman & everyone who was nominated tonight I've been here for a Year and have lost all awards including all the ones related to gaga that I was nominated for but it only made me stronger and stay true to who I am as a gaga stan and all I have to stay is that this is hard work I've worked Hard for this and people finally recognized it and you also can do the impossible if you put your heart to it! thank you Thank you very much I LOVE U RUSSIAN WHORE! @Oh My Gaga Love and compassion amen fashion.
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    Happy International Women’s Day to all of my fellow women! xoxo
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    Y’ALL! I went to see a movie, in the theater! Aren’t you proud of me?!? Lol. It was difficult and I was so anxious literally the entire time ... but the point is, it happened.
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    No excuses I was really IN the wrong using the f and n word in my tweets few years back. I have deflently learnt from it. I'm sorry I got upset but after thinking I now understand why you all got upset. If I ever did that in again I deserved so much backlash. I had a big weekend and was tired so ofcourse i got a little defensive I shouldn't of after thinking and reading back on screen shots it was pretty disgusting. I apologise for my naughty fave too. I love him more then anything but if he said anything like that recently id have a go at him. Believe me. He loves all his fans no matter what you are ♡ Still will be a bit afk for a while to head my head sorted but I apologise to msl and everyone else for snapping so hard. I was just a little off track because it was so suddenly. And I was upset because I love you guys so much. You legit are my online family so it broke my heart i upset many of you.
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    It's finally here after the long wait! It's been a full year of drama, new members and such! so I welcome you to the 2019 Member Awards! I This will be a summer themed event! So get your sexy swimwear and outfits ready! But yep @Oh My Gaga and I would like to announce the s third Church of Pop Awards! I have worked on a bit of category so every member can be apart of it and to make it a little more fun! there is one more music section! but this is not what is big now! this is all about the members! You guys are the star of this show remember that! Here are the 6 categories! Category: That's What I Like: Greatest Ariantor Greatest Barb Greatest Lamb Greatest Britney Army Member Greatest Little Monster Greatest Swiftie Greatest BeyHive Greatest Ex-Act Stan Greatest Urban/Rap Taste Greatest Pop Taste Greatest Alternative Taste Greatest Rock/Metal Taste Most Dedicated Stan Best Taste https://s.surveyplanet.com/81gaWFbhB Category: Long Hot Summer Kindest Member Funniest Member Smartest Member Hottest Male Member Hottest Female Member Best Avatar Most Influential Member Best Signature Most Underrated Member Most Shady Member Most Missed Member Best Game/Event Host https://s.surveyplanet.com/S675F7qo3 Category: Bitchin' Summer Favourite Album 2018 Favourite Single 2018 Favourite Music Video 2018 Favourite New Artist Favourite Male Artist Favourite Female Artist Favourite Group/Band Best Vocalist Best Pop Singer Best Rock Singer Best Rapper Least Favourite Artist Least Favourite Album 2018 Least Favourite Song 2018 Best Fanbase https://s.surveyplanet.com/cJ-82v8D8 Category: Pretty Little Fears Worst Stan Worst Taste Stalest Tea Most Overrated Member Biggest Troll Worst Banned Member Fakest Stan https://s.surveyplanet.com/5aP1grSHB Category: Cool For The Summer Best New Member Best Male Member Best Female Member Best Moderator Sweetest Moderator Most Underrated Moderator Best VIP+ Member Best Thread Maker Greatest Tea Spiller https://s.surveyplanet.com/wsWUYfHAk Category: Sugar Honey Ice & Tea Member Of The Year Post Of The Year Thread Of The Year Queen Of Cop King Of Cop Best COP Section https://s.surveyplanet.com/5yqjwTfMF The submission stage has started right now. After going through all the award categories, please click on the links below each categories with Two or three people (including songs, albums, etc.) you think should be nominated. You may submit yourself, as long as you submit someone else as well. You may send your submissions for any awards of your choice. You do not have to go through all the categories. So This First half deadline will be till 2nd Of March! So Please submit before then! after that We will Pick the 4-5 Members who get the most votes in there category! We will keep you guys updated for each parts! The Actual Award Show Date will be released soon! Will find a day and time that suited for just about everyone most likely it will happen on the first week of March! but will keep you updated ofcourse! will have a red carpet, member performances and speeches! beware this is my first ever hosting! so if i'm a bit rusty that is why Can't wait to to host this and make this fun for everyone!
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    :icant2: lets get this legends emotes into COP
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    Just to clarify, @Oh My Gaga has not left the mod team. I won't sugarcoat it. We had a disagreement about something which is not going to be discussed further and it led to me demoting him for 12 hours. It sounds harsh but I like to run a tight ship here and sometimes strong personalities/opinions will clash. What's important is we resolved the issue and things are back on track much to the dismay of the snapping crocodiles waiting for their prey. In this 12 hours, talks also began about his replacement and also potentially demoting other mods who aren't as active as they should be. Whilst we are not demoting anyone as of yet, we are thrilled to announce that great COPer @Craig is joining the ranks! I am genuinely so thrilled to have you on board Please join me in welcoming him to the mod team!
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    I hit diamond status on my rep points omg
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    This is such an emotional moment for me. For those that don't know, we had a lot of internal drama on the forums in September 2018 which led to our image being tarnished and people not believing in the stability of the admin/mod team which ultimately cost us a LOT of activity. I struggled to see a way forward and it's taken us four months but we're finally starting to get back to where we were. This week we've had 6000 posts (and today is still not over so we could hit 6500!). This is the highest posting week since early September 2018. I am so happy to see a return to form for this forum because i truly believe in it. We're unique and we'll never be replicated despite being duplicated. We've had to jump over so many obstacles (evil haters) just to get back here but now we've done it and the sky is the limit! WACOPDA FOREVER!!!
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    THANK YOU FOR ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING SIS! The fact that this has to be made clear on a forum that is mostly populated with gays is appalling, I'm not a SJW of any sort but some of you are sick in the head for continuing to discriminate, you should know better as a member of the LGBT community. Enough with the bullshit, I don't care if you troll because you don't know yourself if your trans or not, sort yourself out without being problematic. Hopefully this is the end of this mess cuz
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    I can't stand being around sexual predators like him. I feel unsafe around them because they normally have no morals whatsoever and you never know when you are going to be the next target. I should have trusted my gut instinct and went with it like i always do from the start, but all is good, 7 lives to go ig. I'm glad i have seen the light finally and the evil got exposed for everyone to see. I'm sure one day he will get further exposed and to finally be away from pop forums and the INTERNET as a whole. It is going to happen eventually. I'm also happy that the universe was on my side all the way to guide me through everything and to get to know people who showed me the truth about him today and nothing else. You know yourselves. Stay safe everyone and be aware of red flags about exploitative people. Also be extra protective of your personal information around them, this is your right as a human being online. Have your guard up and protect yourselves. Be selective of who you are being vulnerable with. Nothing wrong with keeping stuff to yourself and not to feel pressured to share the minute the other person shares something with you. You still have a choice about almost everything in this life. Everything that happened was meant to happen. Check the timeline. A lesson learned.
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    Thanks Hope you can finally rest, and take as much time as you need please! I’m gonna do what I can for the community and I hope I can do a good job
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