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    Working on the database to keep it fast
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    Everyone go participate in my first ever Megarate
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    We are only 55 posts away from reaching a new record in months of 1000 posts lets do this.
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    Release date: January 11, 2019 Genre: new wave · synth pop Length: 3:38 Writer: Gary Numan Producers: Lady Gaga · Ariel Rechtshaid “Metal” is a cover of the song of the same name by Gary Numan released by Lady Gaga on January 11. The singer-songwriter decided to release the cover as a thank you to everyone who has been supporting her throughout the A Star is Born film campaign, and as a way to softly anticipate her upcoming studio album, which is expected for a second semester release through her long-time recording label Interscope Records. The track is a new wave and synth pop effort whose production derives from the original, Numan rendition. However, instruments sound more modern and contemporary, giving the cover a very current twist when compared to the track Gary Numan released forty years ago. The production on Gaga's cover was handled by the singer herself and Ariel Rechtshaid, a well-known musician on the alternative music realm. “Metal” is the first song released by Lady Gaga since “Shallow”, which is taken from the A Star is Born movie soundtrack and reached the top 5 on Billboard Hot 100 back in early October, as well as her first commercially released cover since “Your Song” by Elton John. The song is now available for streaming through Vox and other streaming services and purchase on all digital platforms. Lyrics Audio
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    The ignore feature is so beautiful.
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    Can I sign up as Selena Gomez please Label: Tone Records
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    Off now, goodnight Legends. It's been nice seeing y'all again.
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    Record Name: Swift Records Artist: Taylor Swift
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    Only bought this dress so you could take it off Take it off (ha, ha, ha)
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    We reached our goal today 1000 posts are made. Thanks everyone. We ❤️ You!
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    COPCritic needs to be brought back, @Elusive Loverboy get to it sis
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    Sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn't do...
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    I love black people!
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    @Salvatore gets a 95 from me. I haven't talked to him or anything, but based on his trophies/medals/stats and his past forum presence, he's obviously a COP legend. He's on the same level as @Black Beauty 💫. Just keeping it fair.
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    @Roobz @Treacherous Lovatic @KarenFromFinance Please send me a message with the subject, Create a Label - *Your Label Name* so I can give you your Vox credentials.
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    Welcome to COP fellow ZQUAD member
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    Happy Cow Records Lady Gaga
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    seeing my bf tonight....sorta nervous!
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    Columbia Records Artist: Zayn
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    Whats the point of making a fucking Normani news thread if you're gonna make fun of her
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