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    I feel like I’m unfairly targeted and bullied
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    I would like to make a public apology to @King or Queen for defamation of character when I called him racist and ignorant. It was wrong of me, especially as a mod. I hope you can forgive me and we can move past this.
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    you can hate on her all you like but calling names like c**t is disgusting.
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    Mariah Carey is half black (just like Tinashe!) and is still in the top 3 best selling female artists of all time. If she can make it, Normani can't use race as an excuse. I actually don't hate Normani either, but I think her stans who are claiming she's the next Bey are unbearable, and that's why I diss her so often. I feel like they need to come back down to Earth!
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    I just wanna say I love The Office, it is one of my favourite ever sitcoms
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    She has potential but ive never stanned an actual song by her, I just think she makes basic pop
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    Mentally unwell, came on cop to see my friends and thought it be good to me..and members here are poking me and now I'm logging off for a long time now. Fucking dont POKE ME
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    Beer bongs and piss stained Bentley seats
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