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    Finally back home Moscow was lovely
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    Why uber drivers don't understand that people don't like being talked?
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    this the same guy that said he doesn't eat his wife's pussy and saying it's not ok for women to refuse sucking dick
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    @Juano @raindrops106 Welcome to COP, new lambs!
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    Stanning her in 2019 is like supporting Hitler during the crystal night
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    Let's call a nazi a nazi, shall we? She is OBESE. Just one look at this overweight lard ridden monstrosity and you can see why every man she dates runs for the hills.
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    She’s the mean one. She had a poor innocent black girl fired from her job just because she didn’t lick her deformed butt
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    Ummmmm alot of artists numbers increased once all the Christmas music left the charts.
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    Oh wow, Sicki Garbaj's last remaining stan is back y'all
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    you need a taste of your own medicine because i am sick to death of swallowing
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    The supremacist knows no limits
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    Christmas music left the charts. That’s why it does better than the 90% of the child rapist’s entire career
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    BRING ME THE HORIZON IS OFFICIALLY MY FAVOURITE BAND they are above asking alexandria now
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    Is thank u, next really coming in 17 days
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    Justin would never touch that creature with a ten foot pole She only attracts lowlife rapists and pedophiles lmao she is SO used up
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    Glad to see you back though, cop needed a new PUNCHINGBAG and you will serve as a perfect one, like Stan like fave.
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    How very DARE you! Horses have very fine figures. She's shaped more like a c*w
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    Sad as I lost a close friend, on the first day of the year she passed away. Hoping for a better rest of the year.
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