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    Ummmmm alot of artists numbers increased once all the Christmas music left the charts.
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    Mentally unwell, came on cop to see my friends and thought it be good to me..and members here are poking me and now I'm logging off for a long time now. Fucking dont POKE ME
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    We really did that She was mildly attractive when she was... of a different size ...but now all of that is LONG GONE. She looks absolutely grotesque
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    @Starboy, @Homojénik, @CUZ!CAN, @Scarlett O'Hara, @Ahmazing Queen Meda, @Best Fiction, @Craig, @Elusive Yoncé, @Venti, @Mocha, @RicanText, @TattoosOnMyMind GET HA
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    What was the point in this thread if you knew the answer?
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    This would be the place to speculate about Taylor Swift's unannounced 7th studio album
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    people on twitter are speculating it have mermaid theme
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    She's definitely releasing this year. She said her next album is going to be out before she's thirty and she turns 30 this year.
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    Payola payola payola.
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