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    I'm going to listen to Rated R for a 1st time Recommend me some albums!
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    Bey is many things but making a shit alberm out of Lemonade was not one of those things. FREEDOM! FREEDOM! I CAN'T MOVE. FREEDOM! FREEDOM! CUT ME LOOSE. FREEDOM! FREEDOM! WHERE ARE YOU? TO FREEEEEEEEEEEEDOM!
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    Waking up to a GOLD certification is so exciting.
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    Treat me like your patient Just don‘t keep me waitin‘
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    Great minds think alike... I love the avi
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    happy b-day (on itunes) to me
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    Ari just can't stop winning. She just always stays winning. They OAHs stay foaming at the mouth. She just can't help being so young and successful. A #1 smash single spending its 8th week on the Billboard hot 100, youngest ever artist to headline Coachella, and coming off a tumultuous alberm cycle on top.
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    Zayn would never be anything but Latvia's superstar
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    Still debuted at #1 and had two top 10 singles, which is difficult to get not everybody has that
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    Lady Gaga’s new album ARTPOP has become a commercial flop for the history books: opening-week sales were down 75% from the debut of 2011’s Born This Way, and sales dropped 81% in the second week. Possible reasons why ? Do you agree ? https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2013/11/27/five-reasons-why-lady-gagas-artpop-flopped/
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    Seeing all of the fandoms come together to lash Zayn has been funny asf. Like this flop era, album, and artist would've been forgotten in a week if it wasn't for @King or Queen provoking other members.
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    Godga may have been a fraud in the past but now shes on her way to become a legend
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    5 votes already, yes! We might do something here
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    at least Nose didn't bundle her albums with tickets to cancelled tour nnn
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    well, you spam your nonsense in every post
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    Fadty Perrished is over and she will never have a good year from now on
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    Done and it was so hard picking which song to give an 11. We love a talented queen of billboard!
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