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    Where are you cause I cant see, but I feel you watching me... dilated falling free, in a mordern ecstasy... Perfect Illusion literally is that banger. Its perfect (pardon the pun) in every way. The way the instrumental is put together, Gaga's raw vocals, the key change... it is just amazing! This song hit so hard that the only criticism worth giving this song is that its too short! I still get such an adrenaline rush when I listen to this song 2.5 years later. I'll never get the hate for this song, gotta be in my top 10 all time favourites from Gaga.
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    Her Joanne era is coming But seriously, all jokes aside, I hope she'll be okay and that her father will be okay also. Hopefully her family will make it through stronger than ever! Sending positive vibes
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    You would know actually you wouldn’t, Zayn neither trends or sells
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    I wanted to here the get it get it part smash them vocals
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    As long as she gets the d and another fat check for AI, shes fine
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    Ariana,what are you doing? Omg
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    the T - taste Welcomea!
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