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    4 deserved better because it’s a good album from start to finish
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    Don’t give a man anything he won’t give you first. Dont get attached too easily. Especially to a dickhead that’s not between a pair of legs.
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    So, as all my fellow faggots know, gay dating is not the easiest. While you may be suspicious of a man's sexuality, it would be incredibly rude to just assume and pursue a man. So my fellow gays - I was wondering what your biggest dating tips are?? How do you find dates? What do you do to get a guy's attention etc. etc.
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    arianators are coming
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    She's absolutely disgusting, the fact she has any fans left at all says a lot about how much society has declined
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    Happy new year pendejas!!
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    Are you going to add an Ariana badge next to your Zayn stanbadge @King or Queen??
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    A lot of people on the apps just want sex and the people on the apps who want relationships are usually ugly.
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