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    That’s actually so true. I know so many wannabe stunt queens out here flashing their AirPods but can’t fill up their car tanks.
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    Big congrats to @Gratitude who has taken the lead on the COP Legends Panel with an almost perfect 96.8%! Well done sis Will anyone be able to topple ha? Find out soon as we continue the Legends Panel shortly.
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    There is something so wrong in reading , "Tinashe outsold" in a thread about sales...
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    It irks me when people act superior to others based on who they stan
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    Sis who are you to say who's allowed to participate in stan wars. You don't own this forum, freedom of speech applies to the internet. Take several seats
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    Ive got a leak for yall tomorrow and its a BOP, until then, goodnight
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    The amount of people I know IRL and on social media who have AirPods but literally have not a single cent to their name makes me kiiiii so much. It’s badically like people are buying them now to prove they’re not broke but it makes me think they are more broke now. And they’re only $200, I have $300 bose headphones
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    Yes it’s true, masturbating gets rid of headaches
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    my chart informative threads always flop
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    why are some of yall SO negative? start living your best life and add a bit of positivity to the world.
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    Not when i have a paragraph dedicated to me in your OP. You want us to stop engaging in stan wars if we stan for "flops", but you stan for tinashe. MAKE. IT. MAKE. SENSE.
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    Irrelevant to you, yet you have dedicated a significant portion of your evening to it. Sure sis.
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    Taste. The lambs wish Mariah could hit those notes like King Zayn !
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    Tinashe is a flop. You should take your own advice and to stop engaging in stan wars.
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    @Gratitude a 90 cause since I joined theyve been really nice.
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    A mod encouraging a thread designed as an obvious personal attack ? I have to laugh.
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