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    100 for @Gratitude mod for so long and a really awesome person 50 for laura because she is a coward for having not the guts to face me after talking smack about me behind my back i still don’t know why i defended that twat. I hate cowards.
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    So glad you said it because i didnt want to Her excuse was lame, she said her phone accidentally typed it but that would only happen if she frequently uses it.. Good riddance, I hate fake bitches. At least Dangerous Woman is a bitch in front of your face (no offense sis)
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    His last era held a #1 single and album. He also had the huge Taylor Swift duet. Now he can only sell 3k pure sales and a chart debut and peak of 61? YIKES
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    No shade but I don't think she's light-heartedly saying "faggot", she believes in a religion which preaches about killing gays. Call me an islamophobic, but I don't embrace the word "faggot" being freely used like this, especially by heterosexual religious people
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    She also talked shit on peoples nudes here behind their backs which is disgusting
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    @Gratitude Marnie you are a legend, kind, unproblematic, and just a sweetheart. You are getting a 100. As for BadgalLaura, I was a victim to her. Everything seemed so chill, and then she said that I'm as dark as charcoal behind my back, and then she ran away instead of owning up to what she did. However, before her true colors showed, she was a legend, and I can't deny that. I'm giving her an 85.
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    Lemme modify my rate for her, i didn't know it was THAT bad.
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    Well I mean was MOM really that big an era to compare to I think it was front loaded his first single only did well the rest didnt. So its not much a stretch his second album diidnt do well
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    She (as a mod at the time) made fun of people’s nudes and said disgusting things about members like @Treacherous Lovatic @shmeur behind their backs I get she was active and all that but I wouldn’t want someone like that on my mod team let alone my forum at all
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    Marnie is getting a 100 from me PERIOD she’s one of the most iconic people here Laura gets a 20, she payolad her way to the top and that racist encounter wasn’t her only one, COP feels much better without her
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    I am having a really bad week. Not that anyone cares.
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    She literally said she doesn’t support gay rights because of her religion. I won’t deny her legend status, but i have no sympathy for a homophobe.
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    I wish MSL was shown more respect. He contributed so much to the forum and always tried to bring new users in. He deserves better from some users.
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    :ariicant: or :icantari: We need help @99sandthe2000s edit:
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    Ive got a leak for yall tomorrow and its a BOP, until then, goodnight
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    I feel like i have to touch on this topic i'm going to touch on so we can be clear... It's okay to be a controversial member and to have some edgy moments every now and then, i mean hey, as long as you follow the rules it should be fine, but it is never okay to come for ppl's race/ethnicity/sexualities/genders/etc.. in a serious way out of pettiness, it is just bad and it is never entertaining. Be controversial but keep it light-hearted.
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    No comment, because I get along with both of the stanbases. Let there be love
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