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    It's hard to say rn, it's definitely strange she got a huge hit with such a bubblegum hit in this climate, so I'm gonna see what happens before saying dumb shit stans say like she's the queen of pop or smthn daft Have you heard Salt by ha tho? ITS SO GOOD
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    girlfriend, love don't cost a thing, im with you im loving the throwback here can you comment on mine recap in OP if first visit
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    As long as the album has songs like This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, I’m keen to hear/buy it.
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    I think reputation was made to expand her fanbase, but instead she lost a part of her contrylovers-fans It's sad that Ready For It? and End Game were such flops. If she turn back to country pop, may be she will succeed
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    Kinda glad Xmas Day is over for me, the pressure to be perfect is gone, time to be messy again
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    Well if Beysus can continue to kiss Jay-s's balloon lips even after her cheated, then Britney for sure can have sex with a hunk like hers.
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    God the gays are so disgusting y'all would rather sit on here and make threads about Nicki all year than go out and suck a dick or something. GTG!
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