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    As long as the album has songs like This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, I’m keen to hear/buy it.
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    I think reputation was made to expand her fanbase, but instead she lost a part of her contrylovers-fans It's sad that Ready For It? and End Game were such flops. If she turn back to country pop, may be she will succeed
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    I just can't figure out why? I watched his Ellen interviews recently. He's got a nice, lovely personality (thanks to his parents). Everybody here keep on saying he's latent gay just because he's single for a very long time. Why do gays are always obsessed when it comes to hot straight guys
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    Ariana Grande is a dumb bitch with sour lemon vocals
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    Madonna - Essential Collection 1. Lucky Star 2. Borderline 3. Holiday 4. Like a Virgin 5. Material Girl 6. Dress You Up 7. Crazy for You 8. Into the Groove 9. Papa Don't Preach 10. Live to Tell 11. Open Your Heart 12. La Isla Bonita 13. Who's That Girl 14. Like a Prayer 15. Express Yourself 16. Oh Father 17. Vogue 18. Justify My Love 19. Erotica 20. Deeper and Deeper 21. Bad Girl 22. Secret 23. Human Nature 24. Ray of Light 25. Frozen 26. Nothing Really Matters 27. Music 28. Don't Tell Me 29. Love Profusion 30. Hung Up 31. Sorry 32. 4 Minutes 33. Miles Away 34. Girl Gone Wild 35. Masterpiece 36. Living for Love 37. Ghosttown
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    Yes and she has no #1 single, kinda sad
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    I don't give a crap about her but her sales are her sales LOL. Come on.
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    Who are the two users who downvoted my post saying Pink Print is two times plat in the US lol I mean how pressed do you have to be to do that ?? Its literally a fact .
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