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    It's not like she makes bubble gum pop or music geared towards children. Not her fault her youthful aura attracts people of all ages and demographics! Plus it's better than having an old fanbase who can die at any moment and affect your sales.
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    Ariana is not pop shes more like wannabe-r&b. Thank you, next.
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    alert: anyone who has an unhealthy obsession with hating an artist needs mental attention stat
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    The song is SO infectious and re-playable. Reminds me of Poker Face tbh.
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    guys go comment on my best of 13 years of doing best of its flopping on North Korea! so i hope u guys dont let it flop too! i added pop too for everyone and its never been so dead! on both forums
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    I can’t stand that my friends all worship me. Sometimes I just want a break
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    The better question would be: why you so desperate about lambs?
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    My hatered for my dad has elevated to an all time high... still going on my socials 'monitoring' them and blocking people
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    Within one day of first hearing this song on the radio, I've already played it a good 50 times. As soon as I heard it, I was addicted but I was driving and couldn't shazam it so I had to memorise some of the lyrics and then went home and googled it. This is easily the best pop release of the last two years. It's also crossing over a lot to new audiences and I think it has the potential to usher in a new era of pop!
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    'Cause no one else could do it better That's why I give you my heart to break
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    Most of her fans must be below 16 otherwise she wouldn't do so well on streaming compared to other pop girls
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    She is amazing and I‘m about to stan! She made a regular pop song so popular, I think she will stick around for quite a while
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    I'm so excited for her, she has what it takes tbh.
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    A Build A Bear Piplup, 3 Marvel trade paperbacks, Mel B's autobiography, giftcards for Zara and Waterstones and money and some xmas socks
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    I’ve got nothing planned so far. Most if my NYEs have been crap, I’ve never done anything big or spectacular. Most of them I have either just stayed with family or been working
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    Rats are easily taught to do basic tasks utilising classical conditioning which explains why lambs are buying AIWFCIY every December.
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    It's a fun Christmassy song and deserves success. It is getting close so why not get it all the way
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    Well I've been a naughty boy this year so I didn't get anything
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    Merry Christmas peace be upon you
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