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    Christmas will never be the same without her nothing will.
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    On christmas day i fixed the 403 error that happens when you embed stuff.
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    Merry Christmas everybody!!! 🎄🎅🎁 I love you all!!
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    a cozy little Christmas here with you
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    Merry Christmas! Dont forget to submit for COP Grammys!
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    My hatered for my dad has elevated to an all time high... still going on my socials 'monitoring' them and blocking people
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    I’m over Christmas tbh. thank u, next.
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    Hey all, Since last week you might have noticed our site may respond slow, you get an 500/503 error or the site doesn't load at all. Our site is being targeted by some people with ddos attacks, today i got beyond pissed that i decided to install CSF. CSF is the best in the firewall business, And we hope the attacks are getting stopped by this. It could take up to a few hours before we get our full speed back. We love you all and we are striving to give you all the best of the best. Lots of love from, Church Of Pop staff
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    When you get called out for giving constructive criticism needed to a dead ass forum... They dragged me for liking kpop which had nothing to do with what I was trying to say. So that's how it's gonna be, my opinion becomes invalid as soon as they see I like kpop? Ok, cool. (And no I'm not talking about WOP).
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    Merry Christmas y’all I hope y’all get all you asked Santa for
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    I got a new iPhone XR, HD+ card for my TV, new adidas boots and a weird flex but ok new trash can lmao
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    It’s still christmas eve here
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    35-31 35. Foster The People - Sit Next To Me 34. Clean Bandit Featuring Demi Lovato - Solo 33. Nicki Minaj - Ganja Burn 32. twenty one pilots - My Blood 31. Ariana Grande - Breathin'
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    What an odd comparison. OT: Beyoncé, I suppose.
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    I need @TattoosOnMyMind, know a bad bitch when I see one, tell @Best Fiction I need a threesome.
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    omg you're kinda beating a dead horse tho. Their forum has like 2-3 active members at most, I don't they're worthy of being mentioned on here at all at this point.
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