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    Just got home from a date and it went really well
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    From: @Boo You Whore To: @HOLIDAYONCÉ A beautiful edit Merry xmas!!!
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    From: @Black Beauty πŸ’« To: @Winter Bird "Merry Christmas to an amazing COP User whom I love so so much. May your Christmas be filled with joy and positivity! You're a beautiful and kind human being and I hope you continue to shedding your bright light in life and on forums! I wish you the best sis! I made this playlist where each song the first letter spells out your username"Winter Bird". Merry Christmas to you and I hope u enjoy these bops ❀❀😊 From Black Beauty."
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    From: @The Queen Of Lambily To: @Treacherous Lovatic a cute edit with your faves
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    From: @Mother Brest ✨ To: @The Queen Of Lambily a lovely edit happy holidays!
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    From: @Treacherous Lovatic To: @bleachnetwork "Whatever people say don't let it bring you down. The words may burn, but you must remember that you are the king. They are the court jesters, the hateful clowns. They will talk, but don't give a fuck because talk is cheap. Keep doing you darling, you will prevail. The haters they will fail." A heartfelt poem
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    Ho ho ho bitches it's almost Xmas!!! Which means it's time for the big and festive reveal show!!!! If you didn't send a gift yet this is your absolutely FINAL reminder, don't be a bad santa 30 Minutes!!!
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    I love you all, I hope you all have a good Christmas eve
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    Ahhh this is so cute! I love @Black Beauty πŸ’« so much! Loving the playlist, thank youuuu! Merry Christmas!
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    Great news but doctors like $ more than lives; it'll probably get swooped up by some incel-dickhead, patented, and then sold as a procedure 50x what it's worth for a quick buck.
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    Let me take my ass to bed it's almost 3 am.
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    I love it so much @Winter Bird I’ll def be using them for my next layout
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    Results for ... @Boo You Whore Voters: 21 Total points: 1713 = 81.57% Unfortunately the good sis had a few saboteurs and detractors which made him fall short of a well deserved high icon/low legend status but it's safe to say he is definitely ICONIC and his score proves that at the very least even with his vile haters!
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