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    The only Nazi video that has any type of replay value for me is Analconda. The rest of her discography is budget A F Cardi's already served us a big budget extravaganza just 18 months into her career. She really has eclipsed the white supremacist in every single way possible.... #1 singles... grammy noms... critical acclaim (metacritic)... looks... music videos... i mean the only thing the white supremacist rapist pedophile lover has on Cardi is "being the highest selling rapper of all time" because she fucks a male rapper every week to jump on a feature and snatch a lower charting Hot 100 single. Big deal lmao, anyone can do that if they're an eternal WHORE of the industry. Eveyone's had a turn of Nazi though, now she's getting desperate and running to Little Mix, TeKIDShiLOver69 and BTS for quick hits which weren't even hits
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    I don't really know all the staff well so I modified @Mocha's list a bit to fit how i feel 1) Oh My Gaga 2) Boo You Whore / Elusive Loverboy 3) AmazinAzalean 4) Gratitude 5) Avril Lavigne 6) CuzIcan 7) Shmeur 8) Church Of Pop System 9) Laracroftonline 10) Indie - Huge Gap - 11) Treacherous Lovatic
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    The meltdown from that user I love how he projected all of his failures and shortcomings on me ahhh I love baiting them Pop Crave dwelling fomos
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    Congratulations! You're the most dowvoted person of the week
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    Not going into porn as an actress, but working as a retail worker at one of those slimy gross sex shops that old men go to for porn rentals even though they can just get it for free online I think she'd be great at that job Or she could join Ally Brooke as a Hobby Lobby worker, but with her temper, I fear she might assault a customer.
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