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    100% even thought they asked who I was the other day
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    Dont forget to send your submissions for COP Grammys!
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    Hello! First I would like to say that I have been passionately been doing my own chart in books since the start of 2009 Since it's becoming the new year I have decided to ditch books and make my weekly chart on google sheets since it's more efficient the first question about my chart you'll probably have is the "Sales/Points". I basically make it up, but I weight it by how much I sing/listen to the song I only added this part to my list because I love the charts I rank the songs by how much I listen/sing the songs & how much I like it. Other than that it is my opinion Songs: Platinum = 2 million | Albums: Platinum = 3 million I weight albums by how good its songs are doing on the singles chart Artist chart by albums & songs. I also contribute any hype the artist made that week (music wise, not celebrity wise) I would also love any feedback on my layout; I feel like it could be better but idk what to change Enjoy 12/20/2018 Yes my Artist chart is only from 2009-2018; explains why Mariah only has 1 week Also I am heavily influenced by mainstream music, so album tracks don't tend to do as well as singles Also I start my chart every Thursday because back then I thought Billboard did that
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    I've done 1/3 of my 12hour shifts and im so drained, I'm so overwhelmed, emotionally and physically, I can't wait for the peace in my mind to be restored
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    The fourth member we will be rating on the Legends Panel is... @Elusive Loverboy If you're unsure of how the Legends Panel works, please READ THE OP before taking part in this event. Give the member a number along the spectrum from 0 to 100 (with 100 being Supreme Legend and 0 being total flop). You have 24 hours to give your scores. Please refrain from giving bias stan scores or you may be asked to leave the event. Click HERE to sign up to be rated on TLP!
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    Christmas groceries are in home, had my physical therapy now relaxing on the couch. What are you doing?
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    Umm user @Taylor Chen is ALWAYS serious and is one of the most intelligent users on this forum.
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    Welcome on Church Of Pop if you need help feel free to pm me or the staff.
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    I tried fixing some stuff, the gif button will be back soon xoxo
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    Wtf??? She even put the “beauty spot” in the exact same place! Roaches literally gon roach apparently. Stay lost in Japan Nicki. The western world is done with you.
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    Lil Kim called. She wants her look back.
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    73, we have had our ups and downs but imo he is still growing and on his way to higher levels.
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    I hope this reaches #1 soon shes really bringing pop back with Ariana
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    I missed out on Ariana tickets....ignore me as I cry myself to sleep tonigh....
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    If I wanted to post my own top 40 chart that's not Zero charts, where would i go?
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    How many times did you say that?) Her management made many mistakes during the promotion. If she will change it in next era, it won't be as flop as caution did Anyway she will always find a place in top 5 as Britney and Madonna do
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    Swipe left then close the app and delete
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