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    Guess who joined COP exactly 1 year ago?
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    Reminder that you’re great @life13swift
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    COP's Legends Panel is now here for the long awaited MEMBERS EDITION! Every single day I'll be posting a new member. The criteria to be eligible to be included on the Legends Panel is a minimum three months of membership and 1000 posts+. Who will be inducted into the LP Hall of Fame? Who will fall short? Who will be a total flop? Get ready for the greatest shit show of all time! PREMISE: Y'all will rate how much of a legend the member in question is out of 100 points with 100 being supreme legend and 0 being total flop. You must decide along the spectrum from 0 to 100 where the member belongs. You can also use the scale below to help you make your decision (this will also act as the rankings for the cumulative score of the member when all points are added up). Legend - 90% Icon - 70% Established - 50% Rising Star - 30% Bubbling Under - 10% Flop - 0% If a member gets a cumulative score of 90% or more, they will be inducted into the LP Hall of Fame. For any member that falls short, they will be listed in their appropriate category and all final score percentages will be next to their names. The Legend Panel Hall of Fame: Icons: Established: Rising Stars (Or somewhat established): Bubbling Under: Flops:
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    I want to treat myself, I get myself the best Chriss Mass presents, only I get I like I do
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    We were moderators together, you probably forgot about me.
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    Why is my teacher telling me the night before that bringing a gift for our white elephant exchange was optional? I spent money on a gift for people I dont know or like
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    Didn’t you think I wouldn’t hear all the things you said about meeeeeeee
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    Alright hunnies, everyone better get their ass on _ _ _ and do something, anything outside of _ _ _ omfg
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    My work is giving me such bad neck strain, I wish I wasn't working today either but I gotta get that money honey
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    It's clear that you just want to close your eyes and ignore the very real reasons why she lost it's great you're being so pragmatic sis Look back on past mistakes and don't make them again, simple. I have no doubt that some form of Sexism played a part, but that is not the inherent reason why she lost, she won the popular vote after all.
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    omg same No #1's (0 days won) Zero hits/classics (no hit threads) Critically panned (8 active WP's) Didn't serve longevity (only been here for 6 months) Local (only known by fellow Ariantors and Homojenik)
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    100. A legend ofc! I will never forget those listening parties 😩 He’s the sweetest& his username is named after one of lanas best songs ugh
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    The first member we will be rating on the Legends Panel is... @Black Beauty 💫 If you're unsure of how the Legends Panel works, please READ THE OP before taking part in this event. Give the member a number along the spectrum from 0 to 100 (with 100 being Supreme Legend and 0 being total flop). You have 24 hours to give your scores. Please refrain from giving bias stan scores or you may be asked to leave the event.
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    @Black Beauty 💫 is so skinny, I love him 100/100
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    ya'll moderates really love to reach don't you I'm thinking pragmatically, as you wanted to as well, in the current political climate Populist candidates/leaders are at the for front of politics right now globally. You cannot go up against someone who is preaching such strong and backwards populist messages without having someone else playing the 'for the people only' card. Hillary is a shill of the corporate landscape of yesteryear, it's why she inevitably lost regardless of popular vote.
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    No one likes someone who sits on the fence, Hillary did just that and look what happened. Trump had a clear message and so did Bernie, they're both more appealing candidates than Hillary by a long shot depending on what side of politics you sit on - Hillary was the wrong candidate to run against Trumps populist messages
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