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    About to be 18. Which means I'll be able to legally sell my body to pay for my tuition
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    What's going on this beautiful day? I am an avid lover of anything Christmas. I like to paint and draw. I write music occasionally, Stan list: The defunct 5H (RIP), Normani, Ariana, Camila, The Weeknd
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    Sara literally cant count for shit. We launched July 2 2017. Thats 18 months you dumb bitch not 2 and a half years so if you divide us by six to match your 3 months we got 120k posts.... in the same time you got 5k... "wOp Is GrOwInG"
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    When one of our battlegrounds threads gets twice as many posts in ONE HOUR than their entire battlegrounds section has had in three months and they be out here getting brave and calling us a “flop forum” love y’all so much we rock lmao
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    My hair is pink, green and blue my momma is gonna flip but it's cute!
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    Thank you to everyone for replying. I was reslly in tears last night and didn’t know what to do. I’ll find the best way possible to deal with it
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    @untitled was banned for being a dupe of @petedagrk, his IP address was banned too so fingers crossed he won't return anymore
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    Who told Avril Lavigne to snap when making I'm With You
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    I can't at people when they say they hate vegetables. Vegetables are TASTY, SWEET and LEGENDARY, they're GOOD for you and bust your immunity to DISEASES. You honestly don't deserve to be healthy if you hate them. #HEALTHYEATERSONLY
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    We're also hoping to bring Create A Label back for Phase 2. We need someone really dedicated to help bring this back. Any thoughts?
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    Yes, it is best issued to pedophiles, terrorists and people who commited a hate crime
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    A flop that was the best selling album of 2017, and the biggest album of 2018. Taylor always wins even when she's supposedly flopping. https://www.forbes.com/sites/hughmcintyre/2018/01/04/taylor-swifts-reputation-was-the-bestselling-album-of-2017/#709721c54548 https://www.billboard.com/articles/events/year-in-music-2018/8488621/drake-top-artist-taylor-swift-reputation-top-album-2018
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    @Avril Lavigne My opinions change faster then I change my username here.
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