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    Little Mix are amazing! @Little Legends @Little Mix ☂️
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    Mariah Carey is half black (just like Tinashe!) and is still in the top 3 best selling female artists of all time. If she can make it, Normani can't use race as an excuse. I actually don't hate Normani either, but I think her stans who are claiming she's the next Bey are unbearable, and that's why I diss her so often. I feel like they need to come back down to Earth!
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    It actually didn't exist back then so that's the reason. Anyways these aren't even fair. The user score shouldn't count since u can see that there were many sabotages on albums from other fanbases. Look at Glory's user scores for example. It was underscored by Xtina fans, just when Liberation was being released too. And it's not fair towards Britney because she has had rivalry with more big artists and that of course gets her score even lower since other people troll her stats. So really it is: Britney Jean - 50 Stripped - 55 Mi Reflejo/Lotus/Bionic - 56 Britney - 58 Blackout - 61 Circus - 64 In The Zone - 66 Femme Fatale - 67 Back To Basics - 69 Liberation/Glory - 71 Oops!..I did it again - 72
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    Blackout / Stripped 72 The best albums only having 72... I- Aww we know Britney is winning in sales. there is no need for proof on that.
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    You asked if I was feeling it, I’m psycho high
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    Jesters don’t get acclaim, they are there for the laughs.
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    What albums start off rocky? I would say Sweetner or Pink Print by Nicki.
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