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    Ariana Grande is a main pop girl
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    I just KNOW Charlie Puth is hung as a horse
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    I'm feeling so socially awkward I hate having aniexty at times.
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    No beats, sorry not sorry. I'm not that loud because it's 1 am and the walls in this house are paper thin. https://vocaroo.com/i/s0ui2XE1uqfj
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    hiii!! whatcha doing? i'm fine! *laughs in skinny*
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    Let me take my ass to bed it's almost 3 am. Good night COP!
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    What is your name? - Noah/Tanooki Where are you from? - Colorado Who do you stan? - Juice WRLD, Ariana Grande, Travis Scott Do you have any other hobbies? - Chart predicting, playing drums, playing video games Is there anything else you'd like to share? - I'm 17, bisexual, and I respect women
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    I love the good sis Ariana but yall are doing the most now I saw some bitch saying its on Thriller level and I vomited same time Its not even on Side to Sides's level. It just look like a teen drama movie nothing much or new If Table Stiff did this people would've dragged her. Sorry but this video is corny
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    perhaps I'll come back one day. I just...okay my reason for leaving is what @Roobz said before in a thread. I used to like it here, but it just feels...different. I'm fine it usually but with the drama being brought back up so many times, and me just not feeling like staying on forums really any longer, I'd say it's time to say goodbye. Before I go though, stream: Queen by Nicki Minaj, 1989 by Taylor Swift, Shakira by Shakira, 1999 by Charli XCX and Troye Sivan, Rainbow by Kesha, PRISM and WItness by Katy Perry, reputation by Taylucifer, and also every other album released this year.
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    It's a fun MV, I don't think it's iconic or anything. People saying it's on thriller level need to take a seat
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    the video is good but its not that good. it might reach blank space level of views but the difference between the videos you just named and arianas videos is that their videos are original ans something new that caught the eye and could of either been a failure or a huge sucess ariana just referenced old nostalgic movies which isnt something new iggy did it along side other female singers its not something innovative and new but its still a good video!
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    Here are the lyrics in case you didn't go to my lovely poetry corner. Lead My Hands To Places You're so fucking naughty I want your fucking body. You kiss my lips baby, and whisper my name so sexily. You know that drives me crazy baby You lead my hands to places, I'm dying with anticipation, and I can almost taste it. The first place you lead me to is a lovely mountain, not one but two. The last place is a river I dive in and I'm soaked. I drink from the river, it tastes so sexy I fucking shiver. Then you tell me that you want it, and I tell you okay, and then you're fucking on it You drive me crazy I love you babe.
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    It's the first day of Swiftmas
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    My gorgeous fave looking like money
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    OMG I am SHOOKETH, wasn't slayed like this in a hot minute
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    It's great that @laracroftonline makes you feel emancipated from your elusive fears. She said some really kind things to me when I had that meltdown. I really appreciate it.
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    Desperado is permanently banned (for good) for spamming the forums, then changing his username, avatar and cover photo to something shady toward me. You were GRACIOUSLY given a second chance and you blew up. Auf Wiedersehn!
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