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    sorry if I don't post on COP much. a lot of stuff is happening irl, so I probably (most likely), will be inactive till it's sorted out...or till I recover, depending on how things go
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    The beauty, talent, class, intelligence and grace she possesses. We love a successful author! FOREVER MY FIRST LADY
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    The people I stan in my stanbadges doesn't equate to every single person I stan lmfao you bitches don't even know my top 3. Don't come for my taste when yours is transparent. that is all!
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    I feel like there is little to no respect for the artists who paved the way for many of the artists who are huge today. Madonna and Mariah Carey are constantly belittled, for example. Why is there no respect for legends?
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    Because secretly they're fuming, knowing that their talentless copycat of faves could never match Madonna or Mariah Carey's level.
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    he didn't leave soon enough if you ask me
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    What's he famous for? Dying? Abusing women? Being filth? Yes, a legend indeed
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    His music truly helped so many people. A legend! Gone too soon 😭
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    Going home for the holidays Pray for me there’s a crying kid behind me
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    Certain people that think theyre intellectuals because they listen to one abusive rap artist KILL me (like their fave)
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    1. You're so ignorant... Don't tell me why I stan someone and insinuate it's primarily based on race. YOU. DON'T. KNOW. ME. and this is the second time you've addressed me in a thread as if you do. 2. Calling someone "soulless & garbage" with a Trump avi Move along troll.
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    Caution is amazing btw but wbk! Legend snappedT!
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    She’s snoring right by me I CAN’T sleep
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    Retire at 30. Fuck working.
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    SAME and so many of these new creepy ass rappers with awful music and abusive/pedophilia backgrounds (6ix9ine) somehow come out of nowhere and get all this popularity.
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    XXXtensioncord abused women & made subpar music.
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    Yeah... enunciation is really not her forté
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    Favorite song and era -- the lyrics on this are really solid. - Honeymoon Avenue - Almost is Never Enough
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    It’s a three-way tie between Like a Prayer, Express Yourself And Hung Up.
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    They aren't technically pop but the rap girls Belcalis & Onika could both use a social media break. Plus the irrelevant girls such as Azealia Banks.
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