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    I will be opening my thread where anyone can request for the set or avatars or signatures or anything that I can work on. RULES 1. It can take me one hour to one day or one week to complete depending on my schedule so you will have to be patience with me, but I will assure it won't take too long to complete it. 2. Please ensure sharing the HQ pictures so that I can easily work on it. 3. You are entitled to request for re-edit, if necessary, but do ensure that I can accept two times for editing. Three time is where I will deny to re-edit it. 4. It would be nice if you do give this OP a heart or like to show your support. 5. The given below example are mostly very old work and I haven't made much in a while so bear in mind, but I will do my best. 1. What would you like to have? A set, avatar, signature, wallpaper, etc 2. Image Links ( HQ Gallery is preferable) 3. Text? 4. Any specific style that you are interested in? (Optional)
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    All she does is shake her little white tush to iconic bops like BOMT, OIDIA, and Toxic in Vegas She literally doesn't come for or bother anyone I think she needs to be treated with kindness!
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    Just wanna kiss and make up, one last time
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    IMMUNITY CHALLENGE You made it hoes! This is the very LAST IMMUNITY CHALLENGE OF THE SEASON And the lovely JURY of eliminated players are gonna be the stars of this challenge! I asked them all to send me fun facts about themselves, that you might not know about them!! I'll be posting them one by one and you'll have to guess who the jury member is by the fact they sent!
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    I was revealing those spoilers like a little bitch skksks BUT IM NOT GOING DOWN WITHOUT A MOTHER FUCKING FIGHT THEY TRIED TO KILL ME 3 times
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    Hey hotties, I can't believe we have such a sexy final 5 can you imagine? But one of the hotties needs to go, so let's see who was voted off yesterday!!!!!
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    REMINDER: The final immunity challenge is happening in an hour!!!! You all better show up The jury can come too after all the challenge is gon be all about them
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    Pls visit if you got time (y'all probably have nothing to do anyway) Thank you!
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    See.. This isn’t funny. I know you’re trolling, but it’s just not funny. You know, I know and everyone knows Normani is a woman. It has nothing to do with accepting gender identities.
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    I have an issue with you assuming a woman is a man, and constantly calling her one despite knowing that she isn’t. It has nothing to do with transgender people whatsoever. It’s just not funny.
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    Saying Britney is talentless and aged horribly isn’t bullying, it’s facts. If you wanna talk about someone who’s being unfairly bullied on COP, it’s Normani.
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    People need to leave Iggy the hell alone already. Hasn’t she been through enough?
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    Y'all think this is a drag when it just proves that #1's don't really mean as much as stans make them out to be Britney may not have #1's but Baby One More Time is one of the most ICONIC songs of all time, and so are Oops I Did It Again, Toxic and many of her other hits that weren't #1. And ofc streaming has made it easy to get a #1 too, Britney's impact is far more superior than Cardi's and I love both so there's really no correlation to be discussed here
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    @Knowles 💎 Hey we were such good buddies this season, lets ally again. @Tana Mongeau When do you want some more quality drawings? I'll draw more for you now @The Boy Are you still alive?
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    At least getting into the final 4 is amazing so there is that
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    OMG my heart stopped beating for a second
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    I didn't realize that Ariana invented the sitting pose, but go off my good sis!
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    And you arent even a fan of Normani so the fact that u can call out their bs just shows the level of shit they do to her.
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    Can you not with the lies? I thought “personal attacks” aren’t allowed in battlegrounds or anywhere on the forum?? Follow your own rules.
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    Yes..glory had bops it dont deserve the hate...reason shes aged so much because shes had it rough
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    When @MSL fell down from the sky The day @kipperskipper left me An angel cried
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