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    When @MSL fell down from the sky The day @kipperskipper left me An angel cried
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    wig bitch you still exist
  3. 2 points
    No her music songs. BACK TO YOU IS LITERALLY EAR CANCER. Fetish is her trying to be Lana Del Christ (and it bombed), those DJ songs with Kygo and Taki Taki SUCK DICK too. Bad Liar was her only GOOD song since Rehabilitation
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    No shade but I really thought your avi was Madonna at first skskskskks it took me a second
  5. 1 point
    this is one of their best songs vocally but there's honestly no progression because of the basic production
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    I don't care and it feels so fucking good to say I swear those ordinary hearts don't play fair
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    This whole situation sucks, especially the Manuela side of it. How she could create the discord in the first place and betray you like that is insane to me. I wish I knew like IT and tech stuff to help you out with that side of things I'm just super sorry this is happening at all because we all just want COP to keep going. My fave is releasing in the next month and the first place I wanna come to is COP so I hope this shit doesn't mean the end.
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    I've said it once and i'll say it again: liberalism is truly a mental disorder
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