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    changed my set Ariana really served a visual....AGAIN
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    I wonder how many of your own forums rules you are breaking considering all you do is talk crap about every artist that isn’t Cardi
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    Yeah right, let’s see if Ariana can chart anything when she’s 30 years into her career, which is when Madge had a top 10 hit and one of the most watched SBHT performances. It’s easy for you to drag her now but truth is she outdid all of our faves and her legacy will live on forever. also she’s a touring force now, selling out STADIUMS
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    You deserve everything that karma has in store for you.
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    Ariallah is about to have her first #1 this era even though haters proclaimed this would be her "last relevant era". Her ticket sales are doing very well and the public just can't get enough of her. Semen and Demon are currently locked up in padded rubber cells with no human dignity while they try and flush out whatever toxins they've injected in their STD ridden bodies while Ari is absolutely WINNING. How do you think the OAHs feel that they constantly take L's? She just keeps winning. Thoughts? @jackgrande @KarenFromFinance @Venti @Tattooed Heart
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    I'm so happy I want to cry. I can't believe I'll finally get to hear Singular Act 1 tonight.
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    This Britney stan over here is way TOO BRAVE. At least Madonna survived over 30+ years in the industry. Britney became a rotting corpse at the age of 30
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    I think Dinah needs to take a Holiday from the studio permanently
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    Let’s celebrate that beg for it underrated bop of this album
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    Can confirm Singular Act I is amazing! Buy and stream at midnight where you are!!!!!!
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    If you're a person who claims somebody who has suicidal thoughts is just seeking attention, and use the fact that person DIDN'T kill themselves and deleted their tweet as proof, even though the person deleted said tweet because he did not want to burden anyone and NOT because he got attention, you are absolute scum. Give me a fucking WP for this post, 'cause I'm sure the person who it is about will report me.
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    Kris Wu is coming to take back everything the supremacist stole
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    It's almost 2 am, Taylor's favorite hour lemme take my ass to bed.
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    Only one of those songs is a smash and it’s not the one by a former flop girl group member
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    His father is a Trump supporter (not to mention HE made her famous) and her ex makes fun of black people. Keep giving your coins to this WHITE WHORE though.
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    I'm not an SJW but I HATE RACISTS! They can rot.
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