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    Wow, won the day after i revealed my "rebirth" Would love to thank "certain" people for showing me love after i came back here It's still great to see some people with an actual clear mind here.... can't wait to spend my time with you guys.
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    SO.... the things you guys just saw is true. Your favorite ex-global-moderator/resident navy is back. the real DESPERATE of this house is HERE. I know, a lot of things happened and the last week before i deleted my account was a MESS. But i'm always open for a brand new start, open to let all these trash go away. I missed "some of you". It's been the craziest month of my life after i deleted my existince from this site but i wanted to make a little cute return now. For helping me to stay calm during all of this mess happening, i would like to thank my lovely friends who are currently on the other site, Manuela and the most importantly @Ahmed Love you all. And by the way: No, i'm not gonna try to be a mod again for those who are curious about it. But my existince and also legacy will stay *HERE* Ugh, my new era is here.... finally. Hope to chat & spill some hot tea with you soon With love, -Desperado
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    Replace Cardi in the title with Nicki in your mind if you really want, idc buy anyway All her singles about money and being rich Bodak Yellow, Bartier Cartier, No Limit, Dinero, I Like It, MONEY We get it sis, you got money, rap about your education
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    Just posted my Halloqween look in the pic thread, dw, I don't take my clothes off
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    I'm still getting bullied by my own mother still...just because I listening to early 2000 music. she is like your a loser, you are your daggy taste when 50% of the list is her fucking faves...and its only Australian music im listening too like Jet and powerfinger... IM FUCKIN FED UP WITH HER! I was happiest before I went emo..and went through my metal praise..well im outta my metal praise now! I like POP,2000s AND METAL.
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    When she stops making tonnes of it. White supremacists can’t relate
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    can we get some love for russian LEGENDS? SEREBRO
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    @AngryAzalean talkin about getting his hole pounded on Snapchat. What else is new?
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    Ashanti was a class act and put out some amazing records. Let's praise this true black female excellence
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    When will Nicki stop rapping about her silicon butt?
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    Sus wyd You just got back...Don't get banned
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    JESSICA ALBA is absolutely DEPLORABLE as an actress. Imagine how awful she must be for me to barely remember the content of any films I've seen her almost-ruin, yet I can still remember how shockingly terrible she is at her job. I've seen, I've DONE better acting in my year 6 drama class full of 9 and 10 year olds with no prior experience. I wish I could forget her far less-than-stellar "performance" in Sin City. I wish her age was to blame for her lack of skill, but it's not like she was lacking experience in the first place. Many actors have done much better, have done way more, with much less. She simply has no talent whatsoever for acting.
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    kristen stewart. she is the same way every movie; boring, monotone, emotionless. even in scenes that require a lot of emotion, there's nothing. nothing irritates me more.
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    If she was full on rap without pop bops I wouldn't even be a fan. Rappers r boring nicki was amazing IS amazing because she aint going anywhere
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    LOL all the songs you posted are pop songs. She really wasn't much of a rapper was she
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    After seeing the Domination residency launch its more than obvious that Britney is either cloned or just a hologram. She is so clearly so over her career. She needs to stop bullying her poor wrecked fans and sing live for once, put soul into her performances, take a bath and release good music again. How do u last remaining Cyborgney stans still support this robot?
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