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    No one is really on but hi anyway.
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    COP wake the fuck up challenge
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    click a few ads on this site, shouldn't it count as donation
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    Im getting sober 2morrow, finishing my last joints. Wish me luck 😂😲🎃
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    It's you, it's you, it's all for you Everything I do I tell you all the time Heaven is a place on earth with you
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    What changed on COP my access says not secure at the top....should I be worried?
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    Obviously Girls Like You.. But this too Literally SO boring and could have been released by any basic pop girl.
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    If I only could make a deal with god I'd get him to swap our places
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    oh god miss you on my lips, it's me your little venice bitch
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    Dammit I was going to make this thread. But anyway to the idiots claiming she voted for Trump
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    A democratic queen. About damn time.
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    Disagree, even though me and God have a complicated relationship https://youtu.be/LLr0lOF685M
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    Nice! I saw it baked at a drive in but i enjoyed it more sober
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    Borderline by Ari is so good. She did that. Excited to see how the geepee reacts to a Fad is Panned. Since the critic reviews are obvious payola.
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    Damn Africa. What happened ?
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    I really am annoying disposable garbage 90% of the time
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    NorMANi is a talentless prostitute
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