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    So I’m banned from gagadaily haroon remains an incompetent prick ryan ripely is a bullied lispy faggot and all the little bottoms on GGD have herpes may they all Rot In Peace whores
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    It's finally the weekend thank heavens.
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    This is messed up. That's all I'm gon say.
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    I got your honey, babe. Ended Ariana the one week Fad.
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    I just listened to Halsey and now I'm depressed just another reason to hate ha!
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    Well when you don't write or produce your own music and you leave it to your label and top end songwriters and producers you can't really go wrong
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    she's subpar at best her ahs stint was cringeworthy, terrible dialogue delivery, they literally had to dub her screams at one point and now on star is born she's overacting, cringey body language, dialogue delivery all over the place because of her fake lips most probably where are our golden globes and oscars ??
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    Where did everybody go? COP really is at it's lowest point
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    Roar Streams - 400,058,441 This is Katy's third song to pass this mark (2nd as a lead artist)
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    Getting myself in the Halloween spirit by listening Calling All the Monster by China Anne McClain on repeat for the next month.
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    A woman should be able to wear her hair any way she wants, it's their decision to express themselves - not yours
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    Happy Birthday Leigh-Anne!!!
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    I literally thought this was James Charles but it’s Ratsey What the fuck is that haircut I’m-
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    I love dick more than Demi loves hot spoons
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    I need someone to talk about Sharp Objects with me.. The final episode has me shook
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    finally got to watch Nerve, have been wanting to for a while now, I gotta say that I really enjoyed the concept, but the ending was a little lackluster
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    Did anyone else enjoy Atomic Blonde btw? It's one of my favorite movies this year, I can watch it everyday
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    I watch a lot of series American Horror Story Ash vs Evil Dead Scream Broad City Wayward Pines American Crime Story Preacher Baskets Stranger Things Vice Principals Wrecked Mr. Robot Master of None Love This Is Us The Exorcist Wolf Creek Slasher Outcast Channel Zero Stan Against Evil Man with A Plan Santa Clarita Diet Better Things The OA The Mick Feud The Mist Blood Drive Gypsy + Cancelled/over The River Scream Queens Bates Motel Hemlock Grove Damien Masters of Horror Death Valley The Returned Downward Dog Making History
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    YOU ARE LITERALLY THE BEST! I've highlighted my faves out of your faves for comparison. Btw Moonrise Kingdom is one of the best movies i've ever watched.
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    TV shows: Shameless Orange Is The New Black Game of Thrones Skins UK Stranger Things Friends Mr Robot The Walking Dead (stopped watching tho) Movies: Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind Perks of being a wallflower Fight Club 500 days of summer Mr Nobody Inception Mean Girls Donnie Darko Gone Girl Spirited Away Kiki's delivery service Howl's moving castle Moonrise Kingdom There must be more but yeah...
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