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    I'm sick of people coming here to create drama. Ban them or y'all will lose members. It's getting annoying seeing fighting all day, every single day.
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    Indie I love that you have a cute job like that, why does someone need a stressful, complex, hard job to make a living? Also with you being the owner of a successful forum it's pretty justified, where your job lacks hard work (I imagine) and dedication your time on the forum makes up for it. If they ain't paying your bills pay them no mind (Rupus once said)
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    Members on "WOP" have been laughing at me for working in an icecream shop (I actually owned a shave ice business but i have worked in many low tier jobs and i'm not ashamed of that). So do you have a McDonalds job or work in a Walmart or something similar? Know that it's nothing to be ashamed of, having employment is NOTHING to be ashamed of. You're contributing to our society in some way, shape or form whilst internet keyboard warriors are just contributing hate.
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    We’re so close to 666666 posts I’m actually screaming
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    She has the concept, vocals, looks, visuals, songwriting skills, production and her music is fucking amazing... SO WHY DO THE GAYS KEEP ON SLEEPING ON MS.X? She's literally the pop girl we've been waiting for and she's YET to have her breakthrough. Her debut EP "Collxtion I" was the closest we've ever gotten to pop perfection and every single track GOES OFF! Her single last year 'Casanova' was the SONG OF THE YEAR IF NOT THE CENTURY She's on the same level as Carly Rae Jepsen except EVEN MORE underrated She's currently going through a more expiremental era with her sophmore album Super Sunset which will be released this October and I will NOT stand to see y'all let her flop anymore Anyways, get into it ladies
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    And now quite literally...speechless skskskks
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    I need to do something slutty or messy or I might die of boredom.
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    I really need to be more active on here ugh
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    The thing is, he will TELL US that it's cum, we don't have to guess sis
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    Don't let that vile user be able to post on COP ever again.
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    I'm so fucking sick of people taking every little thing I say and blowing it way out of proportion. Stop getting offended over shit not meant to be an insult. It's exhausting. I'm tired of the BS.
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    The way @Homojénik taste LEAPEDT out as he started stanning Kosovian excellence, pride of Albania, and Mother of Europe; Duallah Lipa.
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    I take back what i said yesterday. You actually deserved it and you still continue to gaslight me.
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    I'm unemployed and in australia it's super hard to get work and indie is working. Dont let people put you down. I get put down on my grammar and being dyslexic all the time
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    LOL but i dont have a job like that that's the thing, I actually owned a shave ice business until about 6 months ago when i sold it. Now i have shift work that involves a lot of thinking and looking at a computer
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    Yes the high is what is addicting not the drug, once you manage without it though it becomes easy to stop. I screamed!
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