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    I love you guys! I really work hard for this forum and I do it all with passion! You guys deserve nothing but the best. I still think its a honor that I get to be a Moderator on this legendary forum!
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    When you go on vacation this weekend and you are happy everything works like it should now
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    Petition for this to be hung in the Louvre @aahfeekiee
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    Now if you mind stepping out of your twitter echo chamber from the pop crave replies, here's the REAL tea Nazi's and pedophile lovers ALWAYS lose, remember dat
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    We need some variety in the drama that we argue about on CoP.
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    When you troll you’re not supposed to spit hot facts
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    3 #1 singles? Not even every pop girl has that
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    @Maren Swift @life13swift Have you seen this lol? It reminds me of the delicate music video but with cringier faces.
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    Who said they could only bring up one? They just chose their favourite. There’s also no tears which is amazing. Into You which has a cute plot ditto to one last time but go off I guess OT she doesn’t, imagine thinking god is a woman is bad but a video of a girl in court is good nnn
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    Everyone calls Vadge the queen of pop (and I mean she is) but in my delusional stan mind, it’s Kylie. We love that kangaroo bitch in this house! Fun fact: Love At First Sight is what I used to listen to and get drunk to when I was depressed years ago. Now I just get drunk to it ?
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    Fave songs? I’ll watch when I’m sober tomorrow
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    I cum butter (um drunk) @Tana Mongeau is bullying me because of my crush.
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    Seriously this gif is fucking hilarious and creepy.
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    I'm officially withdrawing from the Nicki vs Cardi debates all together, they're both problematic and they're both going to crash their own careers, i wish them the best
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    Poor garbz they really do lose at everything just like their horse faced fave
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    No, i think we just enter her threads now to drag her. At least i do She really sets women back with her stupidity
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