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    Goodnight COP! Thankyou all so much for coming to the megarate it means a lot ♡
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    Only a few hours later and I'm back. Decided I made a hasty decision to try and run away from the problem, and that's no bueno. So, hello again.
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    I’m suddenly straight... WHEWWW LORD HAVE MERCY
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    Hi Monday, yeah I'm fine, just waiting for company, hbu?
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    Chun-Li went the fuck OFF in the club the other night
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    Thank you so much for hosting the megarate!!!! It was shocking but really fun @jackgrande
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    Inside Out has to be one of the best animated movies ever
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    So apparently Bollywood mega-star and legend Priyanka Chopra, her husband used to do music? Like in a band for Disney channel and all it's no Bollywood career but like go off sis!! We stan
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    Maturity is no longer Key! Welcome to the shit show
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    is it narcissistic to lowkey want somebody to paint your nudes i might jus have to cause whew i look renaissance as hell go me
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    Hello COPer who would like to be friends on discord and twitter
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    Imagine Raindrops ranking higher than Better Off. I’m salty as hell about iT.
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    me pretending to be shocked when i drop down from the charts exactly one week after my first day of payola
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    Thank you to all the people that already voted for the MILEY RATE.
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    just 5 more upvotes needed hennies pls support ya sis
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    i'd let Patty do DIRTY things to me!
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    I haven't felt like posting today but it's important I remind y'all that Jupiter Drive IS in fact one of the best songs of all time.
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    omg r u irene from Mariah stan twitttter?
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    I’ve been so busy and stressed. What’s the tea? Anything I miss?
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