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    #1 No Tears Left To Cry (9.3) Highest Scores: @Tattooed Heart @Mr. Gorgeous (11) Lowest Scores: @hammer @Black Beauty ? @Ares (7) THE SONG OF THE YEAR AND WHOLE FUCKING CENTURY DESERVES! Although this only got two 11s, the consistent high scores and majority of 10s helped the legend itself SNATCH that #1 spot!
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    Goodnight COP! Thankyou all so much for coming to the megarate it means a lot ♡
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    Only a few hours later and I'm back. Decided I made a hasty decision to try and run away from the problem, and that's no bueno. So, hello again.
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    I found a website that randomizes a song for you to listen to. It's really useful if you want to sneak in extra scrobbles + If you don't know what to listen to. https://www.randomlists.com/random-songs?qty=4
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    I’m suddenly straight... WHEWWW LORD HAVE MERCY
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    Hi Monday, yeah I'm fine, just waiting for company, hbu?
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    Chun-Li went the fuck OFF in the club the other night
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    Thank you so much for hosting the megarate!!!! It was shocking but really fun @jackgrande
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    I’m SCREAMING. your fav Cardi is 20x more problematic than Nicki. Nicki is hella problematic but if you’re gonna check her and wonder how people stan her, check your own fav while you’re at it. You can’t stand a post about Cardi to be made without making one about Nicki/mentioning Nicki in it. Let people drag Cardi for being problematic cus she is. End of.
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    rap legend, producing god, king of autotune, fashion icon, husband and father KANYE WEST mawma was finally gonna display some badges and could NOT believe this legend dint have one pls support
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    Courtney Stodden an American reality show contestant, actress, model, singer-songwriter, recording artist, and a national spokesperson for PETA, the animal rights activist organization. I'll be participating in upvote for upvote, so just let me know what post to upvote.
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    Inside Out has to be one of the best animated movies ever
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    So apparently Bollywood mega-star and legend Priyanka Chopra, her husband used to do music? Like in a band for Disney channel and all it's no Bollywood career but like go off sis!! We stan
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    Maturity is no longer Key! Welcome to the shit show
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    is it narcissistic to lowkey want somebody to paint your nudes i might jus have to cause whew i look renaissance as hell go me
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    Hello COPer who would like to be friends on discord and twitter
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    Imagine Raindrops ranking higher than Better Off. I’m salty as hell about iT.
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    Thanks for the AMAZING megarate @jackgrande
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    When I listen to it, I don't like it.
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    The only bitch that won today was @Tattooed Heart WHEW Pilot bring out the special bombs it's a special occasion!
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    What could we expect from stanning Taylor
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    Sounds messy. We really don’t need her, Madison is campy enough. I mean they’re literally the same character, both rich, entitled, shallow, arrogant....Madison just slightly has more substance D/T rape trauma, depression and death lol
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