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    Super Bass OUTSOLD any Cardi songs Nicki has yet to receive credit for Cardi's success when most of her management tried to BRING DOWN Nicki and PIT her against her
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    She got none if y'all Bardi Gang don't understand
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    Omg YIKES! Cardi has yet to receive credit for giving SICKI a career in 2018. NYFW recieved more press than Queef. Poor dat #streamgirlslikeyou #3rdnumberone Garbaj Patch dolls wouldn't understand what that level of success feels like.
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    Welcome to the ABBA: The Megarate! You want to enjoy again guilty pleasure or just like their music? (like I do ) I would be glad to host this, so you better to enjoy these classics and send your votes! Huge thanks for avi and banners to @Desperado Good luck, Bobby's and Bobby's brothers.mp3
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    we get it, you hate liberals. but can you start making my frappucino order now?
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    Eminem hasn't even costarred in a movie with Emma Roberts. MGK outsold.
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    When Mani releases her first solo single,I can already tell us Mani fans will have to get out our boxing gloves out for these haters.
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    some people need to go outside more
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    Electricity really is that perfect transitioning into Autumn BOP. Dua did that
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    Pre-ordered both A Star Is Born soundtrack and DUA LIPA The Complete Edition
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    Just got back from a 2 hour meltdown. Im okay now.
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    OMG Mariah didnt have to snap so hard.This is one of her best songs since 2013 infact its one of the best 2018 R&B songs The whole song is so skinny,I cant even hear it
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    #1 ON POP RADIO! LL DID THAT! 7 MONTHS AFTER THE RELEASE! Now all the song can do now is go down which means... NEW NORMANI MUSIC SOON
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    If y'all vote anyone other than Heartsecretkiller ima think you a secret killer too just know that b
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    You will like my sense of style My name is German Bold Italic I am a typeface which you have never heard before I slight prefer Sometime Samurai, though. It’s a cute song.
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    I'll take any member no matter the taste in if they compliment Lana, if they're not with her they're against her and can perish.
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    A Grand Crossing Envy The Grimy Teen Sewer "Grow,” Anus Moaned “Try,” You Slur Unscramble these phrases, order them from oldest to most recent, and take the first letter of each to spell a 7 letter code. That code appears somewhere on the forum with a clue to the next challenge. The first 5 people to send me the completed puzzle unlock a weapon or item of their choice (first come, first serve). The rewards are powerful, so this is meant to be difficult. @Heartsigh, @Oh My Gaga, @kipperskipper, @Breakdown, @One Of The Boys, @Dirkje, @MSL, @barbiej33p, @Black Beauty ?, @hammer, @God, @????????, @Avril Lavigne, @Roobz, @MISS CAMARADERIE, @Elusive Loverboy, @aahfeekiee, @Ahmed, @neonnights, @junguwu, @bleachnetwork, @Tana Mongeau, @H.O.N.E.Y, @ACT2
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    YES YES YESSSS!!! German Bold Italic is a rare gem in her discography! We need that Kylie to show up in her next lp.
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    Idk but We don’t talk anymore deserved a Grammy.
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